Ronaldo's Ban

Real Madrid’s Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has to serve out his 5-match ban as an appeal to Overturn the ban by Madrid got rejected by Spanish FA’s Competition Committee as reported in Marca.

Ronaldo Was sent-off in the 82nd Minute Of Super Copa De Espana Leg 1 when he received 2nd Yellow for ALleged Dive.Portuguese Superstar was angry over this and he pushed referee in protest which caused him 5 match ban.

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His ban will be starting from 2nd leg Of Super Copa and he will be missing from action in the 1st month of La Liga.Zidane is not quite happy with the decision as he passed these comments.

“I am annoyed,” the Frenchman said. “Well, pissed off really. I’m not going to get involved with the referees, but when you look at everything that happened and you think that we’re going to be missing Cristiano for five games, there’s something going on there. I’m angry about that.

“I just hope that they look at it thoroughly. After that, we’ll see what we’re going to do.

“This annoys us a lot. I do not get into it with referees. But when you watch it back and think that in the end, Cristiano will miss five games with us… I know referees have a hard job, and anybody can make a mistake. But in the end, five games for what happened is a lot. It is normal for us to be annoyed.”


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