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Manchester United Signs the FC Barcelona Superstar

Barcelona has lost many players before joining Barca's first team. This includes Eric Garcia and Adria Bernabe to Manchester City, and other clubs like Juventus and...

Manchester United to Replace Wan-Bissaka?

Man United may sign an exciting prospect. Man United are signing many players to hopefully help them finally win the Premier League title. This exciting...

The World’s Best Football Player May Leave Barca

Following Barca's devastating loss to Bayern Munich (2-8), the world's best football player may leave Barca. After the club's loss in the semi-finals of the...

Willian’s Career at Chelsea Ends

Willian revealed on social media his end at Chelsea just this Sunday. Willian's career at Chelsea finally ended after seven long years.

Arthur Melo will never play for FC Barcelona again

Following a disciplinary action, Arthur Melo decided not to return to training or future games, according to Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Bartomeu believes that...

Messi Pushes for Bielsa to Become New Barca Manager

Lionel Messi has been upset with Barcelona, and even considered leaving the club. Although, he decided to spend the rest of his career at Barcelona...

Watford Fires Manager Nigel Pearson

Nigel Pearson, the third manager of Watford this season, has been fired with just two games left for Watford. Watford said in an official statement,...

Pulisic Is Dominating the Premier League

Pulisic’s performance has been phenomenal. Top teams n the Premier League have not been playing well, Pulisic is one of the best players in the league.

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