The protest is taking the heat as BartomeuDimiteYa(which means BartomeuResignNow) is now trending all over the world.

From Dani Alves Departure To Fc Barcelona’s Poor performance Against Madrid this weekend, Everything happened in between that is what making Barcelona fans Protest against their own board and president.

The reason for the protest is very clear.Neymar’s Departure was an alarming situation for Barca and the funds received from that transfer, fans wanted them to be used on players like Coutinho and Dembele but instead, Barcelona signs Paulinho for 40m which is now leading Barcelona fans to protest against the board.

According to some reports, Sergi Roberto also wants to leave the club as Many EPL teams want him on their side.

According to fans, Barcelona board is not serious towards the club’s future and fans have doubts that the club will become next AC milan.They say he is not utilizing La MASIA’s talent as well as not signing quality players.

The biggest example of this is that Since Departure of Dani Alves, The Right Back Position is empty and no proper right back is yet signed By Barca to fill the hole and same goes for Neymar’s position and there is no LW right now who can play throughout the season instead they signed a midfielder, Paulinho.

Fans are angry and they used twitter and facebook to spit their anger on President of FC Barcelona.”BartomeuDimiteYa” Was trending all over twitter and many fans also started a petition against him.

BartomeuDimiteYa was trending on #1 in Barcelona and 5th On Spain.Fans also started this petition which is now about to cross 10k Signatures.Sign Here


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