Cristiano Ronaldo Makes History Once More Hitting 800 Goal Milestone

Thirty-six-year-old Ronaldo makes history again after becoming the first footballer to reach the “800” goal milestone. A record which would be hard for any player in the future to reach.

Ronaldo Makes History – 800 Goals Not Out

After scoring twice in a three-two marathon game against Arsenal and giving his team Manchester United the win, Ronaldo put another record into the football history books as he became the first player to score 800 career goals in competitive matches. He extended his lead as the all time top scorer in football by scoring those 2 two goals. 801 goals full of passion and love for the teams and the national teams he has played for. 801 goals full of trophies and achievements. He has shown once more that age doesn’t really matter as long as you have the right mindset to participate in the game.


His goals have been divided across four different teams and his national team Portugal. Starting with five goals with the Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon moving on to 130 goals with his current club Manchester United across two periods of time 2003-2009 and 2021. Ronaldo then went on to become Real Madrid’s all time top scorer with 450 goals. During his time at Real Madrid, Ronaldo had to change his play-style and become less dependent on dribbles and skills after the knee injury he received in 2014. His style became dependent on the way he positions himself in the box and receiving the ball in the best way to then score.

As for the national team, Ronaldo has scored 115 goals and still counting. His best period of time with Portugal came after there Euro 2016 victory in France. Since then, the Portuguese national team have had better and more mature players which, alongside the leadership of Ronaldo, helped the team perform better hence Ronaldo scoring more.

He’s the UEFA Champions League all time top scorer. His scoring records helped him win five Champions League titles (one with Manchester United and four with Real Madrid). Hence the nickname given to him is “Mr. Champions League”.

What’s next for Ronaldo?

With all the achievements he has earned he has nothing else to do but to extend the margin between him and the players following his records. However, Manchester United now have a new manager that goes by the name of Ralf Rangnick. With the new manager, the fans have their hopes high that they could end the season with a trophy to add to their cabinet. As for Ronaldo, under Rangnick he can be a vital piece in the transformation of the team. Rangnick is a well known manager with certain and clear tactical ideas. Those tactics would certainly help Ronaldo and the players around him to give their absolute best in every game. Ronaldo under the management of Rangnick could possibly mean another extra-ordinary version of Ronaldo at the age of 36.

What an achievement this footballing icon has now achieved. Ronaldo continues to be an inspiration for the upcoming generations in world football.

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