After the devastating defeat against Manchester City, Where many believe he was angry at Sadio Mane’s red card but it was not the actual reason.

While talking to, he revealed why he was angry at half time at Etihad.He believes the team was performing at 60-70 percent of their capabilities as this caused in such a big loss.

He believes if the team was at its 100 percent performance, the result wouldn’t have been same.

This is what Jurgen Klopp Said while talking to

“We have a lot of things to learn from this game,” 

“I was really angry at half-time. Not angry because of the result but because the boys saw we could have won at 100 per cent.

“It’s not important anymore, we lost 5-0, it sounds crazy I know! The first half, we didn’t play like we wanted to, we were 60-70 per cent.”

He also added that we have many things to learn from this defeat and will try to not repeat such mistakes in upcoming games.

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He thinks International break is also one of the reason causing such defeats as player play in different position and with different styles all around the world

“Sometimes it’s impossible after the international break – different plans, different positions, they played all over the world, I don’t like this but we cannot change it – but you saw City struggled also a little bit,” Jurgen Klopp added.


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