Is Jurgen Klopp on the cusp of success with Liverpool?

Is Jurgen Klopp on the cusp of success with Liverpool?

Inspired performances from Liverpool in recent games makes them a contender as one of Europe’s top sides in future seasons. Is Jurgen Klopp anxious to build on the success in a third season for the club, or will he be tempted away by an offer from Germany’s biggest club?

What has Klopp achieved at Liverpool?

Klopp arrived at Anfield just as the world’s top managers were making their way to the Premier League. There was a clear sense of excitement. While City, United and Chelsea got managers with better resumes, but Klopp was seen as “the people’s manager”. After all, the German manager had done well at the helm of Borussia Dortmund, effectively helping change their fortunes. Liverpool looked like the natural step forward.

The fact is that Klopp hasn’t yet won a trophy for the club is concerning, but fans are ready to forgive that. At least now the club looks to have the potential to win silverware. At their best Liverpool can perform beautiful football and are capable of taking apart any rival with their Gegenpressing strategy. But at their worst, they squander points and get outclassed by teams with higher reputation and more experience. Against Manchester City in the Champions League, they will need to be at their best.

Is the team moving forward?

The name that’s been mentioned for most this year in connection to Liverpool is Mohammed Salah. The Egyptian has performed exceptionally. With his help, and that of players like Sane and Firmino, Liverpool have managed some fiery performances. But how long will the club manage to hold on to those players? Or, are they destined to be grabbed up by a bigger team in the same way that Philippe Coutinho was?

Klopp is smart not to make promises of any kind. However, it’s important to remember that Salah arrived at Anfield at the insistence of the German manager. He is building a squad with the hope of achieving domestic and international success and one expects that he is factoring in the potential to lose of some of his best players along the way. The rate of victories post-Coutinho gives the club reasons to be optimistic.

Will Klopp be persuaded to join Bayern?

The former Dortmund manager remains extremely popular not only with football fans but also with big clubs. Seen as a great tactician, as well as benefiting from a strong personality, Klopp could easily manage one of Europe’s super clubsThe real question is what is more important to him now, joining one of those clubs or turning Liverpool into a club of that stature?

Throughout the season there have been rumors that Bayern Munich would be looking to get Klopp to return to the Bundesliga. In his time there, Bayern were, by and large, the bane of Dortmund’s existence. Joining the biggest team in Germany would certainly have its appeal. It looks a job tailor-made for him and one that he has been building up to.

The 50-year-old remains a manager capable of inspiring his teams towards great performances. His skill as a manager is clear and has impressive star power to boot. He now needs to show that he can win trophies and perhaps this should be the most important element in helping him make his decision.

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