Let’s All Laugh At 5-4-2019 – Spurs’ homecoming, officials’ failings and Wolves’ ambition

Welcome back to the Let’s All Laugh At… podcast by Extra Time Talk, the show that explores all the big footballing stories from the week and tries to have some fun (usually at someone else’s expense) along the way.

In this episode, LWOF’s Matt Jarvis sat down with ETT editor George Pavlou, alongside special guest Gareth Jarvis, Matt’s father and longtime Spurs fan

Gareth discussed his experience at Spurs’ new stadium against George’s Crystal Palace. They also discussed the outrageous decisions given during the Cardiff v Chelsea match as well as what the future holds for newly relegated Fulham & Huddersfield.

To view more of Matt’s work,┬ávisit the Last Word on Football website or you can go straight to his page.

To view more of (Palace) George’s work,┬ávisit the Extra Time Talk website or you can go straight to his page.

Main Photo: Embed from Getty Images


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