Welcome to Let’s All Laugh At, the new name for the Extra Time Talk podcast. It’s the same podcast you know and love just with a new name and a new feature. Each week, we pick something from the footballing world that has tickled us and, owing much to the popular football chant, we award the story with the ‘Let’s All Laugh At’ trophy (Disclaimer: trophy is metaphorical and not physical. Sorry).

Carabao Cup Review and The Week’s Multiple Winners

Andrew Aziz, writer for Extra Time Talk, was back in the hosting hot seat after a period away and was joined by George Priestman, writer for Last Word on Football. Finally, there weren’t two Georges – confusion was avoided.

This week, the lads discussed the action from the Carabao Cup and chatted about the multiple contenders for the winner of this week’s Let’s All Laugh At trophy.

To view more of Andrew’s work, visit the Extra Time Talk website or you can go straight to his page.

To view more of George’s work, visit the Last Word on Football website or you can go straight to his page.

Recorded on 20/12/2018

Music Credit: www.bensound.com

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