Why Kylian Mbappe Still Wants Real Madrid Move

The summer transfer window concluded with speculations of Kylian Mbappe moving to Real Madrid filling media outlets across the world. Madrid made desperate attempts to capture the signing of the Frenchman but Paris Saint Germain‘s stern policy meant that the move never materialised. Mbappe will be out of contract in less than 12 months and is expected to sign for the Spanish side on a free transfer in 2022.

Why Kylian Mbappe Still Wants Real Madrid Transfer

Dream Club

Real Madrid is Kylian Mbappe’s dream club and unsurprisingly he is making every effort he can to go to and fulfil his childhood dream of playing for them. Mbappe even visited the club’s youth facilities when he was 14 and almost ended up signing for them. Many young players regard Real Madrid as the summit of football and no doubt Mbappe too wants to fulfill his world class potential with Los Blancos.

Leader of the Project
While many believe that the super team PSG is building will provide entertaining football and outstanding results, there is a downside to it as well. Players like Mbappe who are nearing their prime years would want to be the leader of a project and team and in PSG it simply isn’t possible with the likes of Neymar and Lionel Messi. Imagine PSG end up winning the Champions League –  how many fans will regard Mbappe as the main man or glorify him over Lionel MessiMadrid on the other hand are in a rebuilding stage and it is the perfect time for Mbappe to go there and lead the project at his dream club.

Emulate His Idol
Many will have seen the photo of Mbappe’s room filled with the posters of Cristiano Ronaldo and he has never failed to hide his love and affection for his childhood hero. Ronaldo left a super Manchester United side in 2009 to join a struggling Madrid side and what followed was history. Fate is providing Mbappe with a somewhat similar path and he has the potential and ability to successfully lead the rebuilding project at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid More of a Challenge than PSG
Even the top footballers agree that to make a name for yourself and be the best in the world, Ligue 1 isn’t the right place. With almost all the power of the league concentrated with the capital side, the league’s quality hasn’t improved much in recent years. No matter how well Mbappe plays, his achievements will always be undermined in Ligue 1, whereas in La Liga, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and even Sevilla have the quality to fight for the title season in, season out. Additionally, fighting for the 14th Champions League title with all the pressure whilst playing for the biggest club in the world is surely a challenge that Mbappe would be willing to take to make him one of the best players in the world.
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