Philippe Coutinho’s Transfer saga continues as FC Barcelona still confident to land midfielder to Camp Nou whereas Liverpool Insist to keep their star at Anfield.

In All this Coutinho Barcelona saga there is another twist and this comes from Barcelona’s New Signing Ousmane Dembele

Heart Of The Matter

Ousmane Dembele has started following Philippe Coutinho on Instagram and this may not just be a Coincidence.Former Dortmund player who was presented by Barcelona on Monday has started following Coutinho Instagram which might be a hint Barcelona are close to signing him.

Ousmane Dembele Tweets Coutinho


Liverpool has rejected all of the three bids by Barcelona for Coutinho by saying that he is not for sale.But according to some reports, they are now ready to negotiate with Barcelona over Coutinho.

Author’s Take

I think Dembele following Coutinho might not be just a Coincidence.With just 2 days left in transfer window, it is not looking possible for Catalans to sign Coutinho and looks like they have to wait until next summer




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