As the Premier League’s season comes to an end, it has been a bizarre one in many ways. The culmination has the¬†Champions League and relegation spots decided. And now, we can look at some of the hotly-debated topics, none more so than considering a Premier League without VAR.

In a season full of never before seen incidents, the Daily Mail Online Adam Shafiq has taken a look at another of the newly introduced elements this season, everybody’s favourite – VAR.

Premier League: What Would It Look Like Without VAR

Undoubtedly, whether you’re an advocate or otherwise, VAR has changed the game. Celebrations cant be quite as exuberant, just in case. Additional time is now almost indefinitely a minimum of three minutes per half, taking into account the prolonged time it takes to draw the lines to decipher whether a strikers armpit is offside or not.

There can also be little doubt, VAR’s debut season hasn’t exactly been a roaring success. Too many marginal offsides and far too many refusals to overturn an on-field referee’s clear mistake, seemingly just to save face.

But what about the more tangible effects, who have benefited the most and who have suffered the most in terms of points earned via the Stockley Park officials.

The worst affected side

Wolves are the worst effected team, without the use of VAR, in previous seasons Nuno Espirito Santo’s men would sit in third ahead of the final game of the season, and they would be all be assured of Champions League football next season, unlike their current situation whereby they face Europa League football.

The bottom and the top of the table look almost the same, Liverpool would still already be champions, albeit by a smaller margin with the Reds losing out on five points, whilst Man City gain six without VAR decisions. VAR Continues to Fail in the Premier League

It’s Tottenham who have benefited most, however, an additional seven points thanks to VAR sees them sit seventh currently. Without the video technology, they would be languishing, even more so, in tenth.

In terms of positions going into the final day at the bottom, it’s Aston Villa who can feel most aggrieved, they would be in a far more comfortable position ahead of the final day showdown, with an additional two points VAR has seemingly cost them.

VAR Football

One of the main issues surrounding the implementation of the rules has been the lack of consistency and the seeming changing of the barometer throughout the course of the season. Early on It seemed as if VAR would only intervene for clear and obvious decisions, however, we have seen come incredibly soft decisions given, purely off the back of a VAR intervention.

From next season FIFA takes over the control of VAR once more, it is thought there will be changes, including to the handball rule and with on-field referees utilising the monitors in the Premier League. A move that falls into line with most other European Leagues.

Man City VAR Decision: Was it too harsh?

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