Premier League Relegation Battle: 2 Things You Need to Know

After week 27 of the Premier League season and its usual exciting drama, there are 11 games left. The drama won’t die away anytime soon. The top four race has been heating up all season, but one very interesting battle that everyone may not be paying attention to is the exciting Premier League relegation battle at the bottom of the table. Teams at the bottom continue to fight and battle like gladiators in order to gain their freedom.

As of week 27, 9 teams are battling tooth and nail to get out of the zone, with teams like Leeds United, Bournemouth, Westham, Nottingham Forest, and others separated by only 7 points. It has been the most difficult relegation battle in a long time.

2 Interesting Points to Note in the Premier League Relegation Battle

The Toughest Relegation Battle In 10 years

Since the 2010/2011 season, the Premier League relegation battle has not been as difficult as this. In the 2010/2011 season, just six points separated the bottom nine teams at this stage, and at the end of matchday 38, with a magic number of 40 needed for a team to escape relegation, Birmingham, Blackpool, and West Ham were all relegated with 39 points each, with Wolves escaping with 40 points, one point more than the other sides.

Southampton, Leeds, and Bournemouth have 22, 23, and 24 points in the 22/23 season, respectively, and their form in the last five games has been dismal. Bournemouth has lost two games while winning two and drawing one, Leeds has three losses, one draw, and one win, and Southampton has two losses, two wins, and one draw. The question is whether either of these teams can gain 40 points or more.

2 Promoted Teams Might Go Back to the Championship

From the 2021/22 season, three teams qualified for the Premier League: Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth, and Leeds United. These three teams entered the Premier League with high hopes at the start of the league season, but with the season still ongoing and their recent performances, it is clear that at least two of them will be relegated at the end of the season.

Two of these clubs, Leeds and Bournemouth, fired their managers at some point during the season, and both are now managed by coaches tasked with pulling them out of the relegation zone. Both teams remain 18th and 19th in the league, indicating how much trouble they are in.

Nottingham Forest, on the other hand, shipped in players as soon as they got into the league and even during the January transfer window, and so far these decisions to ship in players appear to have worked for this team, with Nottingham Forest remaining 14th despite being only two points away from relegation..

This relegation battle continues, and without a doubt, it may only last until the final day of the season, when it will reach an amazing crescendo.


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