Top Rated Clubs for Premier League 2020-21

The beginning of any sports season is packed with excitement and expectations. The
Premier League is by far the most anticipated and watched annual football tournament
around the world, and the celebration surrounding it is always infectious.

With only a few days to go before the 20-21 Premier League season kicks off, there is a lot of talk amongst bookmakers and punters on how the season will shape up. As always, there are a few teams that are favourites, but history has also taught us that the Premier League isn’t without its fair share of surprise victories, like Leicester City winning in 2015-16. For a football betting enthusiast, now is the ideal time to start picking up favourable odds, not just for the top-rated clubs, but also look at diversifying their wagers by choosing who might get relegated in the end.

Manchester City

Even though Manchester City were the runners-up in the previous Premier League season,
it was probably the most emotional tournament for them in years. Had they won it,
Manchester City would have scored a winning hat-trick, which would have put the club in a
league of its own. Nevertheless, fans can expect the team to come back with a vengeance.
They are, after all, one of the strongest teams in the competition, and will be eager, more
than anyone else, to claim the top spot that they held for so long, once again.


It took 30 years for Liverpool to lift the coveted trophy once more, and it seems that they won’t let it go that easy. For those planning to bet on Liverpool, do remember that they will be participating in the FA Cup and the UEFA Champion’s League, which mean they will
have plenty on their hands. Nevertheless, the last season has proven that the team is functioning brilliantly under Jurgen Klopp. Moreover, this monumental win is just the kind of push that will make them want to become league champions again in 2020-21.


If you enjoy sports betting and don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of researching all the
teams, an excellent option for you are virtual sports tournaments. These work on the same format are real-life competitions, except the games are computer-generated resulting in a more even field to wager on teams. Bookmakers host these events regularly and release odds in advance. Punters can then join in at a designated time and watch the simulation play out to see how much they have won. But if you are okay with real-life betting, then think about Tottenham Spurs this year. They have been top-rated underdogs for many seasons now, finishing close to the very top. All it will take is a few surprises to push them this year into finally winning the cup since 1960-61.

Bonus Relegation Tip – West Bromwich

We’ve only talked about the top-rated clubs for Premier League 2020-21 season so far. Still, as most professional punters will know, it is also possible to bet on which team is likely to be relegated when the season finishes. There are a couple of contenders for this unfortunate spot, but the most likely one is West Bromwich. Although two other clubs are new entrants, Leeds United and Fulham, looking at the player statistics, West Brom might be the one that ends up at the bottom of the table.

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