Kylian Mbappe’s Future at PSG: Conflict Emerging after France Football Interview

Paris Saint-German player Kylian Mbappe still confirmed his decision – to not extend his contract to join a new club after the 2023/24 season. 

New updates have emerged from both Mbappe and PSG regarding his future. Mbappe reiterated his desire to continue without renewing his contract, and PSG wanted to renew the contract before the end of this month. 

The 24-year-old and the French club have released new essential statements to the media regarding their ongoing conflict.

What did Mbappe say? 

The French striker is currently in his father’s country, Cameroon, to spend his break before joining his club’s pre-season training in the upcoming days. The club has a tour scheduled in Japan starting on July 22. 

France Football magazine interviewed the player, in which he discussed various topics, but the only issue that sparked conflict was his comments about his future and situation in the club (SkySports).  

Mbappe stated on the situation of PSG, “I believe playing for PSG doesn’t help in this regard because it’s divisive and attracts criticism. However, it doesn’t bother me because I know what I’m doing and how I do it.”

“I don’t know what PSG lacks to win the Champions League; it’s not a question for me. You need to talk to the people who shape the team, organize the squad, and build this club.”

He also stated about his future with the club, “I’ll never be satisfied. My ultimate goal is to win the Champions League. After taking a break, recharging my energy, I’ll come back with the same hunger everyone knows me for.”

The player’s statements clarified that he intends to honor his contract and remain with the club for its duration. However, his comments about PSG being a ‘divisive club’ offended some within the organization and sparked anger.

What was PSG’s response to Mbappe’s interview?

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club chairman, expressed his displeasure with the player’s interview and was asked about his reaction to Mbappe’s comments. According to the Mirror, he replied, “If this is what he thinks, why doesn’t he just leave now?”

He continued, saying “We want him to stay, but he can’t leave for free. There was a verbal agreement, and he had discussed it in an interview. And I was really shocked to learn that he had decided to leave for free. It’s very disappointing because Mbappe is a fantastic boy, a real gentleman, and to leave for free, weakening the biggest club in France, it’s not him. When I heard the news, I was shocked and disappointed.”

“It’s for him to decide for himself next week or at most in the next two weeks. And if he wants to avoid signing a new contract, the door is open. It’s like that for him and everyone else. Nobody is bigger than the club, no player, not even me. It’s very clear. By football standards, you never see your best player leave for free. It just doesn’t happen.”

The club’s chairman was firm in his response to the World Cup star and set a deadline for Mbappe to decide whether to renew his contract or leave the club this summer. The Qatari businessman does not want to risk losing him for free.

The story of Mbappe’s future at the club is approaching its conclusion, as the coming weeks will be crucial in determining whether he stays or leaves.

What was the reaction of Real Madrid to the conflict? 

Real Madrid, the Spanish club, did not respond to this conflict with any kind of reaction. 

Los Blancos are waiting for the player to resolve his conflict with the club before deciding on whether to buy him this summer at a price determined by the club or wait for him to become a free agent next summer.

As the battle for his signature heats up, multiple top European clubs, including Arsenal and Manchester United, have entered the fray to secure the highly coveted player, making it a high-stakes showdown for his services. Ultimately, Mbappe’s desire will determine the outcome.

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