Hungary in Europe: 2024/25 Coefficient Preview

The 2024/25 European season is quickly approaching, with 236 clubs set to compete in UEFA’s continental club competitions this season.

With the first qualifying round draws two weeks away, Extratime Talk will be providing a comprehensive coefficient preview. Between now and then, each country will be previewed, and all clubs discussed.

In these articles, we will provide analyses of what to expect from each country in Europe. We will all explore what is on the line from a coefficient standpoint, and the keys to succeeding.

This being the 18th piece of this preview series, we will take a look at the Hungary and its continental representatives for the 2024/25 season.

Hungary In Europe: Country Profile

Previous Season Coefficient (Rank)4.500 (22nd)
Previous Season’s 5-Year Coefficient (Rank)21.875 (24th)
Starting 5-Year Coefficient (Rank)17.375 (23rd)

Hungary’s last two seasons in Europe saw them collect a combined 10.000 points. That has now seen them climb up the rankings to 23rd spot, right behind Russia – who is still banned – for 22nd. Now Hungary leads a chase pack as several countries will look to pass Russia, and each other, for that coveted 22nd place.

It was not without struggle that Hungary climbed to 23rd place. After all, the overwhelming majority of the work has been done by only one club: Ferencváros. Without them, the Hungarian coefficient would be at least 20 places lower than it currently is. So, it goes without saying that Ferencváros is the key to the country’s success.

Hungary In Europe: Club Profile

ClubQualified AsRound of EntryTotal European SeasonsLast Season’s Performance5-Year Club Coefficient (2023/24)5-Year Country Coefficient Contribution, 2023/24 (%)
FerencvárosDomestic ChampionUCL Q2, CH Path48UECL Knockut Round Playoffs35.00015.125 (69%)
PaksCup WinnerUEL Q12N/A4.375N/A
Puskás AkadémiaDomestic Third PlaceUECL Q2, Main Path4N/A4.3750.625 (2.9%)
FehérvárDomestic Fourth PlaceUECL Q2, Main Path5N/A7.5002.750 (12.6%)

Winners of the NB I in each of the last five seasons, Ferencváros returns to Champions League qualifying, starting in the second qualifying round. They enter a round later than they are used to thanks to UEFA’s new titleholder rebalancing principles. That puts them in a great position to play continental football in the fall for the sixth year running. Only four clubs have a higher country coefficient contribution percentage than Fradi, highlighting their importance for Hungary’s coefficient.

Paks denied Fradi a domestic double last term, earning them a spot in Q1 of the expanded Europa League qualifiers. Their only previous European season came 13 years ago in what was a successful summer. Paks ended up making UEL Q3, winning two rounds of qualifying. This time around, they are assured four games in Europe, as they drop to the Conference League if they lose at any point of UEL qualifying.

After missing out on Europe last term, Puskás Akadémia returns to European football. Through seven all-time matches in continental play, Puskás’ record is a paltry 1-2-4. They can ill-afford a similar showing this summer, where they will commence in UECL Q2. Even progressing one round would do the coefficient wonders.

Lastly, Fehérvár makes their European return a year after missing out. They have made the playoff round in two of their last three participations. Joining Puskás in UECL Q2, Fehérvár will be looking for their first main round appearance since 2018/19, when they were known as Videoton. They have the second highest club coefficient of the Hungarian sides, putting the most pressure on them to help Ferencváros out.

Hungary’s Season Ambitions

The goal this year for Hungary will be quite simple: to finish 22nd. As mentioned earlier, they are leading the chase pack to pass Russia. So, they will have a little bit of extra pressure in the pursuit for 22nd place, which will assure that the domestic champions starts in UCL Q2 in 2026/27. A total of seven countries have a realistic shot at 22nd place, including Hungary. That is something they will have to keep in mind.

Beyond that, it is not just 22nd place for this season Hungary has to worry about. It is also for future years. Of the countries involved in this race, Hungary has the most points to defend (4.250). That piles even more pressure on them, because even if they have a really good 2024/25 campaign, losing that many points puts them at a disadvantage for the 2025/26 season. Thus, the Hungarian clubs will have to come up big this term.

What a Successful Season Would Be for Hungarian Football

Success in the 2024/25 season from a Hungarian point of view is seeing multiple teams in the league phases. That will likely be needed to have a serious shot at 22nd, after all. Fradi is almost guaranteed at least a Conference League spot, though they will definitely want more. The question is, who will join the domestic champions in a league phase?

Puskás is at a disadvantage of being unseeded throughout qualifying. Paks will only be seeded in UEL Q1, and while they will have at least four games in Europe, they still have to win at least three ties to make a league phase. That will surely be a tall order. That leaves it all on Fehérvár, who will be seeded in UECL Q2. That is also the only round where they will be seeded, but given their recent European experience, they are the ones with the best chance to join Fradi in a league phase.

What to Expect From Hungary in 2024/25

So, what can we expect from Hungary in the 2024/25 season? After speaking with Hungarian Football expert Alex Ohári, finishing 22nd will be quite the task for Hungary. “Much depends on the success of Ferencváros, who I expect could make a legit run (to) the CL league phase,” said Ohári.

His confidence in the other teams were very different. “Any other team qualifying for Europe would be an unexpected bonus, and because of Fradi pretty much solely carrying our coefficient I’m not too optimistic on our changes to pull ahead of countries like Sweden and Poland, who tend to have 2 clubs qualify.”

So, unless another team joins Fradi in the league phase, expect Hungary to miss out on 22nd place. Having one team in Europe in the fall no longer cuts it, and that will likely be the deciding factor why another country will pass Hungary and take 22nd spot.

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