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For Toby, writing was a means to an end, then it became a hobby. Now, he loves writing about his favorite football ideas, arguments and everything in between. He's a rigid chelsea fan - not a huge fan of banters thrown at chelsea though. Just kidding! Kindly read, enjoy and share your thoughts.
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The inconsistencies in Premier League officiating

Decisions can prove costly Manchester United's match against Southampton last month has once again brought to the forth the ups and downs in refereeing decisions in...

Erik ten Hag’s impact on Manchester United

The Past Coming into the current season, Manchester United fans have been humbled to lower their expectations after a disastrous 2021/2022 season. The season culminated in the...

Is Barcelona finally back?

Barcelona is in the middle of an enjoyable domestic run this season. They put up yet another rugged performance over the weekend, earning a 1-0...

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