Project Restart: Tottenham owner Daniel Levy raises concerns over neutral grounds

Tottenham owner Daniel Levy has expressed worries over playing the remainder of the Premier League matches on neutral grounds.

According to reports, Tottenham stadium was not picked among the list of potential neutral venues. Reason being that the stadium is situated in a heavily inhabited area.

Daniel Levy’s opposes the scheme

At a shareholders meeting some weeks ago, the Tottenham owner spoke strongly against the neutral ground proposal.

He stated that an omission, of the club’s stadium from the list of neutral venues, would be detrimental to their commercial agenda.

Tottenham have been interested in negotiating on the naming rights of their stadium. Nonetheless, prospective buyers are discouraged over the asking price.

Some fingers have been pointed to the direction of the police force over the introduction of neutral venue ideas. This has led to the officers needing to clear their names.

The forces claim purity over alleged offences

The British police force has stated they were not part of the move for neutral venues. Going forward in their remarks, they referred to accusations as perplexing.

In summary, they made clear that issues of the debatable neutral ground emanated from the league organizers and not the police force.

Other worthy information on the Project Restart

The Saudi Arabian aspiring proprietors of Newcastle United would need to put in extra effort in other to view the league matches.

In Saudi, Premier League viewing is prohibited. During the past years, beIN Sports have been the only right-holders to Premier League streaming at Saudi. However, some governmental issues have seen their signal blocked.

The only means available means of viewing league matches is via outlaw channel beoutQ. Reports suggest this could be an upset to their take over.

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