Is Jose Mourinho Turning into Arsene Wenger?

After his proclamation of how he always qualifies for the Champions League Last 16 and how it proves he is a winner, it reminded me of Arsene Wenger’s statement that Arsenal always finish in the top four until they stopped. Mourinho was a man who prides himself on being a winner with two Champions League titles from unexpected sides. He also was someone who was always in the semi-finals regularly and always looked like potential winners. His pride of qualifying for the Last 16 might show how far he has fallen and how he realises his Manchester United side are not a threat.

Is Jose Mourinho Turning into Arsene Wenger?

Easy Group?

Most Manchester united fans know they were very lucky to be in such a poor group. Young Boys are one of the minnows and Valencia currently lie 11th in La Liga. The victory in Turin was undoubtedly a miracle and Mourinho deserves credit for this. However, if they had been in Tottenham or Liverpool’s group, the majority of fans would say they would not have qualified.

Wenger’s Pride of Mediocrity Similar?

Wenger was so proud of Champions League qualification but in latter years it was almost expected that they would be knocked out once they played a giant in the Last 16. Manchester United are heading this way and Mourinho is possibly trying to create achievements when, in reality, qualification was a given. The defeat against an out-of-sorts Sevilla last season may lead many to predict an early exit for Manchester United this season.

Lack of Faith

One of the issues for Wenger towards the end of his reign at the Emirates was that fans stopped believing him. Fans felt he was trying to make financial stabillity his achievement.  Jose is going through with him trying to convince fans this is success when the United faithful expect much more.

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