Is the City of Manchester, Red or Blue?

Recently, one of the most talked about topics in the world of English football is whether the city of Manchester is red or blue. As we all know Manchester contains two top clubs in the world: one containing a rich history, and the other currently making new history.

This topic can be looked at through various views; either through looking at it in a very broader term, or through the current state of football involving these two prosperous clubs. What makes a club better than the other in comparison? What is the number of fans each club possesses? Is it the trophies they have won in their entire footballing era? Is it the current success of the so-called teams?

As you can see, The same simple question contains so many factors that play a huge role in deciding the outcome.

Fans Factor: Demographic Scale of Fans Worldwide

To state which of the two clubs is better, we have to look into all aspects and then decide upon the latter. If we are talking about the fan base, clearly Manchester United wins it by a big margin due to their rich history. However, the current stint of Manchester City is creating a new fan base which is growing day by day. 

In terms of demographics, the fan base of Manchester United is spread across various age groups, with a significant proportion of fans falling within the 18-34 age range. According to a survey conducted by the club, 44% of its fans are between the ages of 18 and 34, while 26% are between 35 and 54, and 30% are 55 or older.

In terms of geographic distribution, Manchester United has a significant following in various regions, including countries from different continents. The majority of the fans are located in Europe in countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, etc. Other countries like China, India, South Korea, South Africa, Nigeria, the US, etc also show vast support to the club.

On the other side, Manchester City’s fan base is mainly oriented in England and surrounding countries. Of course, its fan base is growing globally but has not reached the extent of Manchester United. Hence, in regards to the fan base factor, Manchester United takes the win.

Club Success: Tale of Two Sides of the Same Coin

Which of these two teams is more successful as a club? Current scenarios depict City to be more successful. However, when we are speaking of which is more successful as a club, we have to look into the number of trophies won in its lifetime, the number of seasons spent in top-tier football, the number of successful academy graduates from each youth academies, and last but not the least how valiant are their stadiums.

Manchester United has won around 80 trophies in total, while their counterpart Man City has won around 43 trophies. Now this indicates the Red Devils are the more successful club . Manchester United and Liverpool are considered the most successful clubs in England. Manchester United has conquered Europe, in comparison to City’s one Champions League trophy.

The Recent State of the Two Clubs

Manchester City is on a very impressive run in recent years, winning a treble in the last season, becoming the English champions more than three times in a decade, winning the domestic cups regularly, etc. Manchester United, on the other hand, is undergoing a so-called transitional phase. Their recent success is only winning the Carabao Cup last season, apart from that there are not any noticeable achievements.

Currently, Manchester City is way better than Manchester United as a team, club and playstyle, but all teams go through a period of dark times, hence, the current form or state of the club shouldn’t be taken into consideration to understand which club is superior. As they always say; “Form is temporary, Class is permanent.”

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