Club President Goes on the Pitch and Beats Referee

Scandalous night in the Turkish Super Lig, club president attacked the referee.

Federation Postpones All Leagues Indefinitely

As a result of this scandal in the country, the Turkish football federation announced that all leagues have been postponed until further notice.

The Turkish Football Federation has suspended all league games in the country after a club president punched a referee in the face at the end of a top-flight match.

CBS News (@CBSNews) December 12, 2023

A total of 3 people, including Ankaragücü President Faruk Koca, were arrested after the attack on referee Halil Umut Meler following the Ankaragücü-Çaykur Rizespor match last night.

Tff President Büyükekşi and the Country’s Interior Minister Yerlikaya Visited Fifa Referee Halil Umut Meler.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya made a statement after visiting Umut Meler in hospital and condemned the attack.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who condemned the attack on his X account, also made a phone call with Meler. Expressing his get well soon wishes, Erdoğan said, “I told my Minister of Justice, Minister of Interior and other related friends that we should do whatever is necessary quickly.”

Dr. Mehmet Yörübulut, the head doctor of the hospital where Meler is being treated, said the bleeding in Meler’s broken left eye had stopped and that he could be discharged tomorrow at the latest. He said there were no problems with the referee’s brain or other internal organs.

Turkish Referees Have Announced That They Will Not Match.

In a joint statement to the press, the referees said that they will not take part in matches unless the offenders are given the harshest punishments and the necessary measures are taken for the future. Turkish referee Arda Kardeşler made the first statement.

Arda Kardeşler “We are not thinking about football or refereeing right now. Our only thought is for Halil Umut Meler to regain his health and his family as soon as possible. After this happens, we will come together as referees and announce the decision we will take about ourselves and our career.”

De Marke Sports (@demarkesports) December 12, 2023

The first statements of the parties have been made.

Faruk Koca: “My aim was to react verbally, I slapped him. My slap did not cause a fracture. This incident was caused by the wrong decisions of the referee. After my slap, the referee stood for about 5-10 seconds and then threw himself to the ground. Since I have a heart condition, they immediately removed me from the scene. I am not aware of any other incident.”

Halil Umut Meler: I’m the plaintiff, I’m the complainant, I don’t want to reconcile. He addressed me and said “I’ll kill you”.

The final decision of the Turkish Football Federation and the referees is eagerly awaited.


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