Is the new Champions League format beneficial?

From the 24/25 season the Champions League format will change. The new format which has been dubbed the “Swiss” system will feature 36 clubs in its group stage — so four more than the current model — and those teams will participate in one big ranking which will now be known as the “League Stage” instead of the group stage.

This change is huge as more players will have the opportunity to play in the tournament since it will include more teams. Playing in the Champions League is one of the ultimate dreams for all players at club level. This article delves into whether this change is logical for the teams in the tournament.

More money for the teams involved

The new Champions League format will have more games. More games will generate more revenue for the teams competing in the tournament. The bigger clubs will take the larger slice of the broadcasting revenue. More revenue can benefit both big and small clubs as they will be able to sign better quality players. More income can help other aspects of the club such as investing in the infrastructure at the training ground. This is vital as this is one of the first things a new signing is going to look at after joining a new club.

Every game is meaningful

In the new format their will be no dead rubber games as each match will be important. The matches are vital as under the new Swiss league format the top eight automatically qualify for the last 16. Teams who  finish between 9th to 24th go into a playoff round to secure the remaining eight positions in the last 16. There will be no playoff draw instead it will be 9th vs 24th , 10th vs 23rd, 11th vs 22nd, 12th vs 21st, 13th vs 20th, 14th vs 19th, 15th vs 18th and 16th vs 17th. This emphasises the importance of finisher higher as you will come up against an easier proposition. Teams who finish 25th to 36th will be eliminated from Europe altogether.

Footballers are playing too much

As alluded to beforehand the new format will have more games. Whilst more games means an increase revenue for the teams involved in the tournament it is far from ideal as footballers are already playing too much. Since every game is important there will be no dead rubber games which is detrimental because there will not be any opportunity for teams to rest there best players. This contrasts to the current Champions League format where teams can qualify with two games to spare and rest there most important players.

Less likely to see a underdog win

Under the new format it will be harder for an underdog to be successful . This is the case as in the Swiss league format there would be so many top clubs making it difficult for a smaller club to qualify in the league system. In the off chance they qualify they would face a tough proposition in the last 16 playoff. In the current Champions League format there have been many instances where a unfancied team has qualified from the group stage.

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