Arsenal takes Tottenham down a notch while Harry Kane reaches 100 away goals

The football audience has witnessed the long-awaited return of the English Premier League, where the Gunners blew Tottenham away in the first match of the day. Thanks to their good tactics, Arsenal won another victory, netting 3 goals and conceding only one. At the moment, they retain the leadership in the tournament table, leaving behind Manchester City as well as their opponents.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Gunners’ kick-off is explicitly considered the best one in recent years. They were lucky to win seven league matches playing a draw only once this season. On the other side, the same thing cannot be said about Spurs, who triumphed at the Emirates only twice over the past 25 years.

During the first minutes of the game, each team was attempting to seize the lead, hoping for an early goal. Afterward, Arsenal was explicitly focused on finding various ways to score at least once, while Tottenham wasted no time thinking, wanting to net with long passes.

The North London team had a great chance to take the lead during the first minutes due to Son Heung-Min’s free kick. Richarlison managed to control the ball by directing it right into the opponent’s net. It seemed that the Gunners have no chances, but the Arsenal goalkeeper reacted instantly, not allowing his team to miss at the very beginning.

After 20 minutes the hosts got the chance to put themselves on top — Thomas Partey scored a perfect goal from 25 yards leaving no chances for Hugo Loris.

Ten minutes after Spurs were fully ready to level up the score when Richarlison was harshly knocked off his feet by Gabriel. Despite the controversy, the referee awarded a penalty, which allowed Tottenham to equalize the score. Harry Kane, who had earned a reputation as one of England’s best strikers, shot straight down the middle gaining a foothold for his team. He has broken Thierry Henry’s record, netting his 44th goal in London derbies. Moreover, from now on Kane is entitled as the first player who scored 100 times away from the home stadium.

Immediately after the break, Arsenal found a way to break through the defense – Gabriel Jesus intercepted the ball, which flew right under the goalkeeper’s hand, directing it clearly to the right place.

Afterward the Brazilian forward commented on his team game, “I think we deserved to win because we want to play the game, we want to make the passes, we want to create the chances.

“The spirit of the team is amazing. I feel at home, because of them, because the guys, and the staff, make me feel at home, and that helps a lot for new players joining the club. We are in a good way.”

Mikel Arteta, The Gunners’ coach, was mesmerized by Jesus’ performance more than any fan in the stadium, “From the beginning, we went for it. With amazing support, we created great energy in the stadium and we deserved to win the game.

“We were free, we were courageous, brave and we went for it. This is what we demand the players to do.

“Again, Gabriel Jesus’ winning mentality, the way he trains every day, the confidence he brings to the team, he has taken us to a different level.

“You could feel the connection with the players, the staff, and the crowd. I am so happy because it was a beautiful game, a beautiful day, and we’ve made our supporters very happy.”

The dismissal of Emerson for his careless tackle helped Arsenal extend their lead with Xhaka’s goal after 67 minutes of a game.

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