Champions League Must Be Played

Currently, there is no scheduled date to return to the Champions League. However, the tournament needs to finish this season. With Copa America and the Euros being postponed to 2021, this year is the best time to complete it.

Play around other European Leagues’ schedules

Flex the schedule in their respective domestic leagues. For example, if Manchester City has a scheduled game midweek in the Premier League flex it to a different date. The same goes for Barcelona or Atletico Madrid. For Juventus and Napoli, flexing wouldn’t be necessary because I believe the Serie A season will be canceled because Italy was one of the greatest countries affected by the virus. Also, I would recommend not having simultaneous matches for the remaining round of 16 games. If you think ratings and viewership will go down because of when the games are played do not. Once sports commence people will be happy and relieved it’s back. You can record the game or watch on a website once the replay becomes available in case you cannot watch it live. 

It matters to the teams and fans

Winning Champions League is every player’s dream. That’s why they have to play as well as they can in their respective leagues to qualify for the Champions League. Athletico Madrid are having a magical run they upset the defending champions, Liverpool. Atletico Madrid can make a deep run because Jan Oblak is the best goalkeeper left.

Then you have the favorites to win it: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester City and PSG. Imagine the potential matchups Juventus vs Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi.   What about Manchester City vs Barcelona Sergio Aguero would play against Messi a matchup of friends, Argentine teammates and arguably the best players in their league. Finally, how about Ronaldo against Atletico Madrid he always seems to have their number. Maybe this is the year that changes. The fans would tune in for these potentially classic games. 

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