Club América’s Curse Continues Against Pachuca

Mexican giants Club América falls short once again to Pachuca in a knockout tie. This time, it comes in a crucial semifinal in the Concacaf Champions Cup, meaning all hopes and aspirations to reach the prominent FIFA Club World Cup are dead in the water.

A match that went for bad to worse as the opening minutes unfolded, saw América collapse within themselves. The left game plenty to analyze for Las Águilas with plenty of big takeaways. The injury to Sebastian Cáceres, the lackluster performances from key players and a curse that remains unbroken.

Club América’s Curse Continues Against Pachuca: Concacaf Champions Cup Takeaways

Cáceres Injury Woes Continue

Cáceres has undoubtedly been Club América’s best defender. Not just this Clausura season but the Apertura one as well. Unfortunately for him, 2024 continues to be a year of injuries. An issue that has plagued his consistency and after the game against Pachuca it seems that crisis continues. After just four minutes into the match Cáceres would twist his knee forcing him to abandon the game.

A detrimental turn of events that would begin the slow collapse of América on the night. A key player to the defence, it was not soon after that he came off that Pachuca would eventually score two goals in two minutes. Begging the question: if Cáceres was still on the pitch, would the outcome of been differently? With the extent of the injury still unknown, América will need to cope with the loss of their best defender ahead of the league playoffs.

Star Players Lacking Impact

It was the biggest game of Club América’s season, a do or die with so much at stake. A ticket to the prestige FIFA Club World Cup and trophy that has been absent for eight years. The team fell short on the night and needed their star players to step up but they lacked impact, particularly Julian Quiñones and Diego Valdés. Those two players key, especially that when América is thriving, they are at the heart of it. Yet, when it came time to step up and carry the team, both players were a dwindle of their usual shine.

Quiñones looked slow on the ball, unable to move with freedom, while Valdés look short of ideas to break down Pachucas defence. Their supporting cast around them felt limited because of this. No matter what they tried it just would not work. As the game progressed and the clock wound down players began to grow frustrated with little to no direction. A situation in which players like Quiñones and Valdés should pounce on to restore balance and calmness. Unfortunately it was not the case and both stars faded away.

Unbroken Curse Continues

It seems silly to talk about curses when it comes to sports, especially to think that one team can be the boogie team for another but for Club América, Pachuca is just that. What started as a joke has grown into a reality. In knockout ties between these two sides Pachuca continues to dominate and impose themselves on América.

As the clock was racing against Las Águilas the echos of the defeats from the past became that much more louder in minds of fans. Once the final whistle blew the so called curse would continue to haunt America.

You have to go back to the Clausura of 2012, that was the last time América was able to beat Pachuca in a knockout tie. Ever since, these two teams have faced each other four more times in games like this, with Pachuca coming on top each time. The majority of these games were in semifinal occasions. Pachuca continues to be the gate keepers for América when faced against each other. Therefore, the curse of Hidalgo continues to loom over this team.

What is Next for Club América

The team will feel hard done by the semifinal exit of the Concacaf Champions Cup, but the season is not over. The team will have to shift focus on the league as the playoffs begin next week for them. The only way to possibly salvage this failure is by obtaining the title and becoming back to back champions. The task will not be easy, and the team will need to find a way to lift their heads. A solid performance in the quarterfinals of Liga MX and the team could bounce back with a vengeance.

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