Glimpse Of Hope As EPL Outline Resumption Date

The English Premier League are setting the stage for an experimental resumption date for all Premier League teams. According to reports making the rounds, June 8 was the date fixed after deliberating on all available strategic opinions over when players would be permitted to return to training.

The British government had made clear their decision not to fail social distancing rules as a result of football. This rule led to the decision of all teams resuming training behind closed doors on May 18 and matches beginning three weeks later (June 8).

The decision to resume the league behind closed doors was unanimously pushed by those in authority. As a result, the “Big Six”—Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal—held on to the fact that their Champions League and Europa League slots for next season have not been secured.

According to reports, the Premier League is reported to have sounded to all 20 teams not to expect special privileges from the government. They were made clear that they would have to undergo the same procedures regarding social distancing as the rest of England citizens.

As a result of the announcement, it is expected that in every match venue, before kick-off, all players, coaches, medical personnel and staff in the stadium are to be tested.

Although all dates are merely tentative considering how events pan out during these uncertain times. It remains the sole resolve of the Premier League to finish the ongoing 2019/2020 season.

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