Harry Maguire Demands Response After Embarrassment Against Liverpool

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire demands every player look at themselves and rectify their blunders in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports. The skipper further took responsibility for the defeat and addressed that they had let Ole Gunnar Solskjaer down with the distressing performance against Liverpool.

What was termed the ‘darkest day’ in his life by Solskjaer, was also the same for all United fans. The Red Devils welcomed The Reds to Old Trafford in what was expected to be a fascinating match. However, Liverpool manhandled arguably the best Manchester United side since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure with a humiliating scoreline.

Although United have had a week to get over the embarrassment, the horrors still remain as they head into the weekend to face another challenging opponent who are also having their own issues in Tottenham Hotspur. The London club are also in a tough spot as they are struggling to find the right rhythm and stay on top. Humoured as the ‘El Sackico’, this game might be a decisive night for both the managers whose futures are at stake.

Harry Maguire Demands Response and Calls For Every United Player to ‘Look at Themselves’

‘We Owe This to Him’ – Maguire Demands Performance For Solskjaer

The thrashing Manchester United took last Sunday has put them in the bottom place when it comes to defensive performances. With the skipper leading the defence, the intensity of the situation was double for him and he himself delivered a poor performance that night as his errors led to two goals.

However, he has accepted his mistakes and has promised to bounce back stronger. He further said how painful the week was for him and all his teammates with the dismay still around their heads. In the interview with Sky Sports, he said;

“It’s been tough, it’s been disappointing. When you look back at the result and the performance it was embarrassing. Nowhere near good enough for this club. It’s been a tough week. I’m not going to say we’ve moved on easily. It’s one of the lowest I’m sure all the players have felt in their career. You go home and you don’t sleep much, you’ve got thoughts running through your head. ‘If only I did this or this’.

If I’m being honest I went home and I just looked at myself and what I can do better and take full responsibility on my shoulders. I hope every player in the dressing room is looking at themselves, taking full responsibility on their shoulders and not pointing the finger and blaming anyone else. You look at yourself first and foremost when you have a result like this and a period like this.

We let the manager down against Liverpool. We let the fans down, the club down, us as players. So we have to take huge responsibility for that. Do we owe him a performance? Of course, we do.”

Do-Or-Die Moment for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

A result like this often results in the immediate sacking of any manager but Solskjaer has earned a rare lifeline to keep his job as the United manager. There was an emergency meeting amongst the board members the day after the defeat to decide if Solskjaer was the right man to lead the side to glory.

They came to a conclusion that favoured the Norwegian. According to reports, Solskjaer has a potential three-match deadline to save his job starting with the Tottenham fixture.

A failure on Saturday 30th October could very well seal his departure. However, if United cross that hurdle, Solskjaer will have to make sure that the team delivers a similar outcome for the next two fixtures against Atalanta and Manchester City.

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