How a NBA all star weekend looks in England: Part 2

A continuation on from a previous article on the idea of a Premier League all-star weekend, we now get into the big star attractions of the weekend which is the three all star Games.

Celebrity all star game

The Celebrity All Star Game in the NBA does what it says on the tin. It involves various different celebrities and ex-players playing in a friendly game of basketball. Why is this such an interesting concept to people? Seeing a lot of popular celebrities play a sport they are not used to playing professionally can cause some great moments. Think about all the moments from Soccer Aid that have gone viral. It also shows that some celebrities have hidden sporting talent. For example, Snoop Dogg has great basketball skills which he has shown across various different events and all-star games.

Premier League alternative to the event

The Premier League higher-ups would not need to do much work here, as the formula has already been perfected by the Sidemen Charity match. The whole structure from the day, to the build up and the hype around it on social media is perfect to replicate for a celebrity Premier League game. If one would not like that structure or example there is others out there like the Wembley Cup, which is more traditionally sponsor friendly and has incorporated ex-pro players within the games.

Rising stars game

The NBA Rising stars game consists of 12 rookies, 12 sophomores and four NBA G League Ignite players competing in a four-team tournament resulting in a one team winner. Players get drafted by coaches who are previous NBA players. This gives a chance for players to show there progression and skills on a stage with viewership that wont be matched for the rest of there season.

Premier League alternative to a rising stars game

The Premier League, and more specifically the FA, have a huge problem with drawing interest in youth football and, more importantly, the commercial use of youth football. America produces week in week out hundreds of thousands in attendance at college games whereas English football cannot even produce a few hundred at a Premier League U23 game.

Thus, many players will get left without careers or clubs because they do not have the platform to show their talent. Imagine how many players have been discarded by clubs for various reasons but with the right platform could have found the right clubs for them.

The all-star game

The NBA all-star game consists of 13 players, five starters and eight bench players picked by captains. The captains are chosen by the two most voted for all-stars. The teams then play a normal NBA ruled game with players showing of there flashy dunks and plays to attempt to win and one-up the others.

Premier League alternative

This logistically at least this is the easiest game to plan and play out. It is simply get the players out and play.

The way to make the game interesting is to get the fans to vote on who gets to play have a squad of 18 players per team. From there, the two highest voted players would be captains, allowing them to pick there players playground style. A rule could also be in place to ensure at least one player per Premier League team is picked for the game. The rule on subs should be roll on roll off like Sunday league to ensure all fans get to see players from their club play.

The one rule that also should be put in place is to have both team captains pick a charity and have every goal scored be given a monetary value, which the opposing team has to donate to the chosen charity. This is a win for everyone: the players and Premier League look good for playing and donating to charity, while the charities get money donated from the goals. Moreover, it encourages the players to score more creating a better game for fans.

The idea of an all-star game is very much a Americanized one, but with the right rules and adjustments it could be one where the players, fans and organizations can benefit incredibly from.

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