Ignacio Pussetto: The New Young Argentine Striker for Watford

Ignacio Pussetto is the new striker for Watford. He signed this summer from Udinese to help the club fight against relegation to the second division. Pussetto is a very good promise at only 24 years, and while he’s primarily a winger, he can also play as a striker.

Pussetto, the player from Cañada Rosquin, began his football career at Atletico de Rafaela. In 2013 he made his debut starting his career in Argentine football. Although he was very young at the time of debut, the Atletico reserve coach already saw him as a great promise for the first team.

His first steps in Atletico Rafaela

When Pussetto played at Atletico, the team was still in the First Division, so he faced the best teams in Argentina. This was not a problem for this young striker who managed to demonstrate great performances in his first matches.

His best season playing for Atletico Rafaela was in 2015. In one of his best years, Pussetto generated 3 assists and 2 goals for an Atlético who was fighting the descent to the second division.

Unfortunately, his last years at this team were conditioned by the bad game of his team. The team that Rafaela had was far inferior to his rivals so that no matter how hard Pussetto tried to get good results, Atletico lost most of the matches.

Despite this, the fans were clear that Ignacio was one of the best players in the team. His good performances were noticeable game by game, he just needed better teammates to make himself stand out permanently.

Something you should understand about this player is that, despite playing as a striker, he is a great game creator. It is not uncommon for him to stand out on the field without scoring goals. In Atletico, he stood out more for generating good plays rather than scoring goals. Because of this, we see that he only has 6 goals in 48 games playing for Atletico Rafaela.

The Best moment for Nacho

His career, in constant ascent, would continue in Huracan. This popular team located in Parque Patricios had “Nacho” Pussetto as a striker from 2016 to 2018. In those years he left a very positive image for the team scoring 12 goals, and leaving 8 assists, in 49 games.
These numbers are more than acceptable considering the young promise that Ignacio Pussetto represented. The 2017-2018 season, was his best season in Argentina because he played more than 27 games and he scored 9 goals for Huracan.

He did not need much time in the First Division for the European teams to realize how good player Pussetto is. The born in Cañada Rosquin went to Udinese in 2018 where his career took a great leap.


The big Jump to the European Leagues


Nacho’s debut was not bad at all. He started in Serie A as an undisputed striker. Thanks to this, he managed to play in 35 games where he scored 4 goals and gave 5 assists. Once again, we can see that this player is a great assistant.

In this new season, Watford acquired this great promise for 20 million euros. All fans are very excited about what this young man can do in this English team. Watford is struggling not to descend, so the arrival of Pussetto can help a lot.
The Premier League is a great opportunity for any striker, so we can understand why Ignacio left Serie A. For all Argentines, English football is a great opportunity to demonstrate their good abilities. So it is not surprising that Ignacio has moved to Watford. As a great follower of Ignacio Pussetto, I can tell you that this young man is a great promise. His good game in attack will surely give Watford more than one joy.


You will have already been clear that his intentions are very good. In his debut against Tottenham, he avoided an occasion of a clear goal of the rival by a few millimeters. This demonstrates once again how indispensable this player is within the field of play.
Pussetto faces a great challenge, keeping Watford in the First Division. All fans are aware of what he can do as well as his great attack skills. Watford needs a good striker, we hope that Pussetto can save Watford from the second division.

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