Jurgen Klopp: Mastermind

It was an unbelievable campaign—a campaign in which Liverpool FC almost won the Premier League trophy while breaking and setting an extraordinary number of records. Voided or not, this local charge will eternally establish Jurgen Klopp as a genius.

  1. The goalkeeper is comfortable with possession, building up with short passes towards the solid ball-playing central defenders. Or launching the long balls forward, Depending on the run of play.
  2. Modern fullbacks operating up and down the pitch. Additionally, supplying crosses towards attacking teammates.
  3. Explosive midfielders, offering the entire package. Be playmakers, box-to-box, defensive or offensive. A beautiful display of balance.
  4. A world-class trio of attackers. Reasonably amongst the top 10 names in football, perhaps even top 5. Pacey wingers with an eye for a goal that dictate a game. A complete forward with dazzling dribbling and high intelligence to create chances as a no. 9.5

A side engineered by Jurgen that collected a mindblowing 82 out of a possible 86 points this season.

Though he has excellent players on his hands, there is more to Jurgen Klopp’s side. The philosophy and psychology he employs to maximize the potential of the individuals and the club as a group.


The 52 years old said gegenpressing is his best playmaker. Pressing high up the field with a high tempo, a ridiculous 3 or more members of the squad exhausting a single opposition player. forcing errors and regaining possession. The players are technically sharp, physically fit and defensively compact to control and implement the tactical strategy. It is fantastic, week in and week out the reds are utilising the method at the most splendid of levels. The German furthermore stuck by his 4-3-3 formation to grant the squad members an insight towards everything his vision and ideology are about. What the Anfield heroes are assumed to practice and what to avoid.


Jurgen didn’t manage the most complete of squads when he landed back in 2016. Creating the most out of what he was given, he reached the Europa League final. slowly but surely, the boss began assembling what will eventually rise to be acknowledged as the best team in the business. Not relying on purchasing but making superstars who perform at 100%. The likes of Salah, he participated in a combined 97 goals and assist in three premier league seasons. Mane, 2019’s Ballon D’or award’s 4th best player. Van Dijk, amongst fellow defenders, is truly unrivalled. Alisson collected an exceptional amount of medals in 2019. Robertson, TAA, Wijnaldum, Henderson and in indeed, every player on the team.


Klopp steered Liverpool into the final of Champions league in 2018 however lost it due over individual errors. Conquered it in 2019 with a team of winners. Entertained and cemented his legacy in the memories of numerous supporters as the 2019/20 Premier League champion. Heavy picks to win whatever competition they engage in. Liverpool, In the current and earlier seasons, out of 67 games, Liverpool have only lost 2 games. Astonishing.


Nothing speaks passion as Jurgen Klopp. Supported by tens of thousands of Liverpools’ reds, he can grow yet more passionate. The two sides of hugs and smiles or teeth-gritting and shouting are almost of certainty to be displayed every game to his eleven on the pitch. desire to bring the utmost out of every player, then bringing the utmost out of his team. A Blend of strategies and emotions, Jurgen has a perfect balance. It was shown on the 7th of May 2019, Where Liverpool and Barcelona met at Anfield for the 2nd leg of the semi-final. The date that will be engraved into those minds of LFC supporters forever.

To Conclude…

Jurgen Klopp’s journey has moved sensationally at Liverpool following his arrival in 2016. He mixed the philosophical and psychological dimensions of magnificently. Genepressing at the highest of tempos along with moulding big names out of scratch, and perform magically with so much ferocity aiming to win trophies next to supply the players, the fans and the rest of his staff a perfect balance of emotion and tactics.

Jurgen Klopp is a mastermind.

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