Kyle Walker: A mentor with poor example


Impressive Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has shown over the years his dedication to the game of football. That he has proven by remaining the first choice right back in a Pep lead Manchester City with a handful of top-quality players.

However, Walker hasn’t really lived up to the billing. When it comes to his activities off the pitch, Walker has been a bad example to those who look up to him.

The England defender has raised so much debate with his attitude. Making the rounds is his move to host a sex party in his rented apartment in Cheshire despite being fully aware of the lockdown in the UK due to coronavirus pandemic.

His actions are currently being investigated and he is most likely to be hit by a whooping fine of 200,000 British pounds.

Making his situation a not so pleasing one, English Boss Gareth Southgate is reportedly unpleased about his actions, vowing not to make use of him in the National team.

Public misconduct is not a one-off thing for Walker. The English International was caught sucking a potentially deadly chemical oxide at a Night club, after being away from the action due to injury. Individuals who made use of this chemical oxide have previously died of suffocation and seizures of breath.

All wait to see the overall eventuality of his actions, a flashback at events has shown a Kyle walker with a completely tarnished reputation. As reports from the Times suggests even his parents have been left disappointed with his actions. It is quite appalling so far that Walker has continuously set a bad example for his apprentices.

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