Premier League Officials Testing Project Restart Protocols

According to recent reports, Premier League officials have made “scrutiny-stops” at certain stadiums. Some reports have gone further to suggest these stops have been bordering on covert operations.

Regardless, it seems the Premier League Project Restart protocols are being tested, which is a sign that matches are sure to follow.

Inspected Stadiums

The stadium of league-leaders Liverpool, was the first in line. Just on Monday alone, Liverpool’s Anfield, Southampton’s St Mary’s, and a couple of other stadiums were scrutinized.

Statements popping up from the league management team suggest that these officials will continue making regular stops at different stadiums, prior to the league restart.

Bearing in mind these visits from officials is to be unexpected, Premier League sides have been encouraged to engage them in a tete-a-tete to know who they are. Word is, they have been told to expect more visits in weeks to come.

Initial visit
The officials have been licensed to certain activities.

On their initial visit, they are to observe if players who tested negative to COVID-19 are in the premises. Next, they are to inspect all areas of the stadium. On noticing areas that breach protocol, these officials are then to relay these amendments to officials at the club. Changes are expected with subsequent visits to ensure measures were taken to rectify any outstanding errors.

Details of the inspection
The details of the inspection are as follows:

* Clubs are to be encouraged to desist from using metal surfaces, as the virus survives longer there.

* Next, the officials will make scrutiny and advice teams on taking indoor equipment outdoors.

* Finally, the condition of edibles are to be crosschecked.

Without a doubt, the introduction of unplanned officials is a welcome development. However, questions still remain on consequences to be doled out to clubs that do not follow regulations.

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