Premier League Sides to Provide Home Comforts

Premier league executives are now in advanced discussions amid Project Restart.

In a recent development, it was stated that clubs would be allowed some traces of home comfort if forced into playing at neutral venues.

Home comfort procedures
For matches played at neutral venues, liberty has been granted to the home-side to pick a walk-out song, goal melody, and stadium announcer.

In line with riots from top-flight teams, home and away status may now be applied.

However, for matches that may not be played using home and away from rules, clubs are at liberty to make neutral grounds as comfortable as possible.

Reasons for the decision of Premier League executives
The Premier League executives arrived at the decision due to recent results from the Bundesliga.

The German Bundesliga was the major top-flight league to resume. According to stats, 27 games have been played, with a record of 5 home wins and 12 away victories.

In order to enhance the performance of players, the league has advised teams to hold training sessions behind closed doors in fan-less stadiums.

In the Bundesliga, players arrive at the stadia on different buses and at different times. This is done to promote social distancing rules. The Premier League looks set to take a similar path.

Stadium Decoration
Teams in the league, have also been given the liberty to decorate their stadiums as they please.

A number of suggestions have been made in other to feel some sought of fan presence.

An example of suggestions made is the “spreading of branding wraps over seats in the stadium”.

In the Bundesliga, teams have been exercising their privilege to stadium decoration as they so, please. Borussia Monchengladbach’s cardboard fans have been the most prevalent idea.

Plans in motion surely prove that Premier League Project Restart plans is at its threshold. Its resumption is surely imminent.

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