Pulisic Is Dominating the Premier League

Ever since the restart of the Premier League, Christian Pulisic’s performance has been phenomenal. While many players have been worse since coming out of lockdown, because of the lack of training, Pulisic has been better than ever.

Pulisic Is Dominating the Premier League

Pulisic’s Influence on the Team

Chelsea bought Pulisic to replace Eden Hazard, who left for Real Madrid. At first, some fans called Pulisic a flop, pointing out that he would never be able to fill Hazard’s shoes. Although Pulisic hasn’t filled Hazard’s shoes just yet, he has still become a vital part of Chelsea’s team.

Problems Occur

Pulisic wasn’t convincing at all at the beginning of his career at Chelsea. However, he broke through in October with an amazing hat-trick and a string of great performances. Unfortunately, just when things were looking up for him, Pulisic tore a muscle. This injury prohibited him from playing until March. Pulisic had mentioned his frustrations that he could not play, and could not wait to play again.

Pulisic was able to recover from his injury over the lockdown and now has come back stronger than ever.

The 21-year old American has scored three goals in just six games. Out of twenty-one appearances playing for the Blues, he has scored eight goals, which is the same amount of goals Pulisic has scored in his last two seasons combined. Chelsea’s most recent game was against Crystal Palace, which they won 3-2 with the help of Pulisic. Chelsea’s manager, Frank Lampard, has voiced his appreciation for Pulisic. Lampard says, “Look around at the top attacking players in the world, and they score goals regularly to win games, and at the moment, he’s doing that, so I’m delighted with him.” 

Achievements as an American Football Player

The USMNT has sadly never been that good. However, Pulisic is miles above the rest of the players from his country, being the leading American footballer in the world. Christian was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Both his parents had football careers, where his father was a pro football player for Harrisburg Heat. His mother also played football for her university, George Mason. Christian would start his career moving to Germany to play for Dortmund. 

Pulisic has broken many records. For example, a professional team has never paid more money for an American player. He is also the youngest player to score for the Men’s National Team. Finally, he is only one of eight American players to ever play in the Premier League. Pulisic is not only one of the only Americans to play in the Premier League, but also is currently one of the most valuable players in the league. All of these achievements make Pulisic the best American Football player of all time.

Will it Continue?

Pulisic is only twenty-one years old and is already an able player in the Premier League. He has great potential and can be a better player then he is now. Lampard thinks, “Sometimes he[Pulisic] has a real ability to break a line and run forward, which is a great trait in the modern game.” Frank Lampard is an accomplished football player, who is one of the best midfielders in his generation. If Lampard believes in Christian, then surely he has much more to offer.

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