Leon Bailey’s Bundesliga rise

Who is LB9?

One of the world’s most promising young talents is Bayer Leverkusen’s number 9 Leon Bailey. The twenty-year-old Jamaican winger took the spotlight when he transferred to the Bundesliga team in 2017.

From there on in, Bailey has been involved in both goal scoring and assisting. Leverkusen could call him their saviour, as last season they finished the league in 12th position.

The young and talented Jamaican has been blazing a trail for himself at Bayer Leverkusen. His great skills have proven rather effective in helping the club to climb the table.

Bailey’s Dominance

Even though the season is not yet over, with the help of LB9, the club has risen to 5th place. Now there is a strong possibility of them finishing second this season.

Bailey really began to amass his fan base in round 6 of the Bundesliga season when he assisted twice to secure the victory.

The following week he came from the bench once more to secure a point for his team, scoring the single goal to keep the momentum going. He became a starter hero again, helping his team in a 5-1 demolition of Borussia M’gladbach by scoring a stunning volley.

This was again, another beautiful goal, not many are regular tap-ins. Other matches would see Bailey scoring and assisting, doing his utmost best to keep Leverkusen in the game.

The Fire Starter

He is now a regular starter for the club. Fans and supporters have grown to anticipate the wonderful display of footwork from him. His goal tally has risen to 10 with more to come. His crossing abilities are also integral to the team’s play.

Bailey’s excellent vision is the reason has so many assists for his club. The youngster has scored some spectacular volleys and headers, undeniably playing outstanding football.

Bayer Leverkusen deserve the credit for seeing and developing such great talent. I believe he is an excellent investment for the club and a smart choice.

His pace is awesome. As is his dribbling and ball control. Making runs from the halfwayline, he has the ability to get inside and surprise defenders. The cheeky goal against Koln an example of this.

The goal against FC Shalke is a resounding plus to his resume, his debut Bundesliga goal. When Leverkusen faced RB Leipzig, Bailey was already on his fourth goal in his sixth matches. Leverkusen has been having a good run thus far. With a healthy and fit LB9, they will be looking to continue in this manner and climb the Bundesliga table.

Leon Bailey fills Hernandez’ Boots

After last season’s departure of Javier Hernandez, the fans wondered if they would ever replace such a player. Bailey, however, has cleared those doubts and his abilities and talent are speaking for themselves.

Blending instantly with the team, he made an immediate, influential impact. He clearly enjoys the energy that he brings to the Leverkusen team whilst playing.

Striking fear into defenders, he leaves opponents standing, able only to watch his phenomenal skills. Quite often with the ‘keeper retrieving the ball from the back of the net.

His future is bright and promising. Such talent may even enable Leverkusen to end Bayern’s dominance. They may be serious contenders for the league next season.

Whether he plays left wing, right wing, right or left midfielder, it makes no difference. Impressive, wherever he is played. He gets the job done regardless. With the ability score with both feet, more games and more exposure, he will surely become a world class star.

Other teams have noticed the young Jamaican. There are rumours of bids to be made in the next transfer window. He is playing well, so while this transfer window is closed, we can enjoy seeing the young man play. Leon Bailey will be one to watch.

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