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Ligue 1 trophy

The Epic Conclusion to the Ligue 1 Season

Saturday will see Ligue 1 season come down to the wire, with the last round of fixtures set to take place. All 10 fixtures...
Top Flight Promotion

Top Flight Promotion 2021/22: The Return of Fallen Champions and Yo-yo Teams

European Top Flight promotion in 2021-22 season sees the return of fallen Champions and yo-yo teams, not only in one but all top five...
New Champions League Format Ronaldo and Lewandowski

New Champions League Format Confirmed and Set to Begin in 2024/25 Season

 The New Champions League format has finally been confirmed by UEFA Executive Committee and is set to begin in the 2024-25 season. On Tuesday, the...
Champions League Final Preview

The Champions League Final 2022, Liverpool’s Double Missions Against Real Madrid

As they have reached the 2022 Champions League Final, Liverpool now has the opportunity to get revenge against the same opposition they faced in...
Unai Emery

Unai Emery in UCL Semifinal, Mere Luck or a New Beginning?

Unai Emery reached his first Champions League semifinal with Villareal this year. It is interesting to see if he is just lucky or can...