Who Should Replace Gareth Southgate?

Gareth Southgate has been the England head coach since November 2016, however a lot of England fans will say he is not fit for the job.

Why It Has Not Been Successful

Since Gareth Southgate took over the England job, they have been in three major tournaments with the fourth to come very soon. On paper these look like very successful tournaments, but if you take a closer look this is not the case. The 2018 world cup was the first tournament, with England coming fourth. This seems like a success. However, looking at the teams they played this was a weak showing.

As soon as England played a tough team, they get knocked out, which has been a reoccurring theme in the tournaments. At the last Euros, England got the final. Although if one look at how easy this run was and the way they played in the final, an argument can be made that this was another poor tournament for the Three Lions. As soon as Luke Shaw scored that goal against Italy in the final, Southgate panicked and parked the bus.

However, the most recent World Cup was the biggest disappointed of them all. Of course, anyone can argue that the referee performed shockingly in the quarter final was poor, however this is no excuse. Southgate should have won a major tournament by now, and it feels like his time is up. So the question is this, who should replace him?

José Mourinho

After his recent sacking from Roma in Italy, José Mourinho could be the perfect choice if England ever want to win a trophy in the next 30 years. Understandably his league record in recent times has not been the greatest therefore getting him the sack. However, when you look at how he performs in cups, it paints the ideal picture for the next England coach.

He’s won a trophy at every club he has been at other than Spurs, though he did get sacked days before the EFL Cup final. In tournament football his style of play will be ideal and he has expressed an interest in national team football before. Could this be a match made in heaven?

Steve Cooper

The former Nottingham Forest boss has been out of a job since his sacking in mid December, maybe he could be the ideal England coach. Having coached them at U17 level before, knowing some of the first team squad well it could be a perfect match.

However, being the worst Premier League manager with 50 plus games played will not help his chances. Working with players like Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho and Marc Guehi, the future of England, this could be the ideal long term project for Three Lions.

Sarina Wiegman

The current Lionnesses manger, could Sarina Wiegman have the same success as she is having with her women’s squad? This would make worldwide headlines due to her being the first woman to ever managed an International team.

People could see this as the FA only ticking a box but i see this as a pathway into more women into the sport if they are good enough and Sarina Wiegman is 100 percent good enough for the job. Winning the Women’s euros in 2022, a world cup final and being seen as a lovely person to work with. This would be a wild but a decent shout for the next England coach.

Who should take over?

These are all very valid shouts for the next England boss, however in my opinion i think José Mourinho will be the correct man for the job. This is because he has most silverware of all 3 choices and that is the thing England is lacking in. The other 2 has also not said that they would be willing to take the job and with José Mourinho being the best choice i think this is a no brainer.

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