The World’s Best Football Player May Leave Barca

Following Barca‘s devastating loss to Bayern Munich (2-8), the world’s best football player may leave Barca. After the club’s loss in the semi-finals of the Champions League, this may cause a turning point for Messi to leave.

Tensions Grow Between Club and Player

The Argentinian had thought of leaving the Catalan club for a while now. Messi has been dissatisfied with the club’s leadership and quality of players. He had even called his team “weak” and “erratic”. As the team got second place in La Liga, which was upsetting for Messi and Barca, both hoped to win the Champions League instead.

Sadly, Barca was crushed (2-8) against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals, which was their worst loss since 1943.

The club’s management has also been a factor why Messi wants to leave. Messi did not like that Ernesto Valverde was fired back in January, and did not approve of Barca’s last manager, Quique Setien.

The superstar pushed for Marcelo Bielsa to become the new manager, but Ronald Koeman was appointed instead. The poor quality of players and management is pressing Messi to spend the remaining of his career at a stable, better club.

Barca’s humiliating loss might have been Messi’s turning point to leave the club. He has been loyal for many years, and even during his peak, he did not win a La Liga title once.

The World’s Best Football Player May Leave

While the Argentinian has many reasons to leave, there are still cause for him to stay, at least till the end of the season.

Barca’s new manager Ronald Koeman wants Messi to stay, despite the Argentinian saying that he wants to leave. After speaking with Messi’s father and agent, the Barcelona chief said, “I spoke with Jorge Messi. He told me what we all know, that there is a strong disappointment.”

Even when Messi has discussed that he wants to leave, he understands the difficulties of leaving while still on contract. Messi’s release clause is 700m euros, which makes many clubs lose interest, especially during the pandemic which has taken a financial toll on the clubs.

Barca’s president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, understands that Messi’s release clause is too high, and is willing to lower it in order for Messi to leave. According to BBC, “Bartomeu has privately considered the possibility of Messi leaving.”

Bartomeu is fine with Messi leaving because it is too expensive to keep him.

While the president of the club is fine with Messi leaving, Koeman is not. Koeman says that he has hired to restore the club’s image. He believes that keeping Messi on the team will help restore the club’s image. Additionally, Koeman thinks it is unwise for the club to sell Messi because he is the best player in the world.

Koeman says,” Of course, he’s the best player in the world and you want to have the best player in the world on your side. You don’t want to have him on an opponent’s team. From my side, as a coach, I would be delighted to work with Messi, because Messi can win matches for you.”




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