Tottenham the Premier League’s Most Valuable Club?

A quality and detailed study from the University of Liverpool has named Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur as the most valuable club in the Premier League.

If true, this statement means Daniel Levi’s investment has overtaken the likes of Manchester giants and current champions, as well as league holders Liverpool and the very wealthy Arsenal and Chelsea.

Although Tottenham’s current 2019/2020 season campaign has so far been underwhelming, they have somehow succeeded in usurping other Big Six rivals thanks to their business strategies and most importantly the completion of a new stadium.

Recently a compiled analysis from a financial expert in the University of Liverpool placed Tottenham clearly above all competitors in the Premier League.

Thanks to a generally low-waged system and an effectively marketable stadium, Spurs sit first with a club value of £2.6b.

Analysis from other Premier League Top-flights

Manchester City who sat top from the 2018 statistics with a worth of £2.364b has dropped to the second spot after their value decreased to £2.86b.

Liverpool has seen a rapid increase in its current financial ratings from 2018. Due to their top-class displays in the Champions League, as well as broadcast revenues.

Their 2018 worth of £1.356b which placed them on the sixth spot has been improved upon. They now sit fourth with a value of £1.627b in the most recent stat.

Manchester United drop from being the second in the 2018 ranking with £1.935b. Although financial progress was made by the club valued at £2.080b, they still sit behind Spurs and City on the third.

According to financial analysis, Spurs are ranked first, as a result, their sensational performance in the 2018/2019 season. Tottenham got to the Champions League final with little financial expenses.

Tottenham reportedly finished last Premier League season with a wage budget £100 million, much lower than the rest of the ‘Big six’.

Financial summary

With such a budget they made more profit which reflected on the current financial study.

Money has become a heated discussion currently in the footballing world. Many teams across the world are being hit financially by the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial studies have stated football will continue to feel the fall associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic in years to come.

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