The potential new Arsenal manager

The potential new Arsenal manager

After a 21 year stint at Arsenal, it looks like Wenger’s time is quickly coming to an unavoidable end. Wenger’s sacking has been long overdue, he seems to keep his job even through the toughest of times. Though for football fans this will be a sad time, for Arsenal, this will beneficial for their growth as a club. The Arsenal board are already eying a few potential replacements.

Joachim Löw

Löw has managed Germany for 11 years now. Along the way, he has won the World Cup in 2014, the Confederations Cup in 2017 and Losing to Spain in the 2008 Euro final. Fair to say his run as the manager of Germany has been good. Wenger has not been leading his team, he has been managing it, Löw is the man that can change that. He will likely be the most favourable to fill in Wenger’s role. Although Löw has been recently been linked to other sides such as Bayern Munich and declined, Arsenal is going to be in desperate need of a new manager and the board are likely to be offering Löw a hefty amount of money to fill in the role as leader and manager.

Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti has managed teams such as Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Along the way, he has won 20 major trophies and 15 individual honours as a manager alone. Ancelotti, already with Premier League experience and success, can be the man to fill in Wenger’s spot. It also helps that he is a free agent, therefore he has no existing commitment to a team, whereas all the other managers in contention for Wenger’s job are already employed. Ancelotti has been linked to Arsenal ever since his departure from Munich. It is fair to say his name will definitely be thrown around when picking the new Arsenal manager.

Brendan Rogers

Like Ancelotti, the current Celtic manager has great Premier League experience. While he has never claimed silverware in England with Liverpool, he has been close on numerous occasions. Rogers does have a cupboard full of individual trophies, ranging from LMA manager of the year to Scottish Premiership manager of the year. He has openly stated that he could be the man that takes Arsenal back into the Champions League because he did it with Celtic. Rogers has been the only manager who has openly stated he has interest in the Arsenal job. Brendan Rodgers will definitely be on the tables for the successor for Wenger’s current job.

Leonardo Jardim

In 16/17, the Monaco manager won the league with the youngest average age in their starting XI in the league and the Ligue 1 manager of the year. Arsene Wenger said he wants a say in his successor and it seems he is leaning towards Jardim. Wenger will have a massive influence on his successor. Jardim is also quite a young manager, meaning that he can stay for an extended period of time if needed, similar to Wenger.

There are many options being thrown around, but Wenger is exit bound, and Arsenal will need a new managerial option. Whoever is his successor will have some big boots to fill and a lot of repairing to do.

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