Why Manchester United Should Allow Cristiano Ronaldo Leave

As the club looks to rebuild under Erik Ten Hag

The hard-hitting news that surfaced across the world of football concerning the possible exit of Manchester United player, Cristiano Ronaldo, from the club came as an unexpected and somewhat shocking thing for the Red Devils fans.

The inevitable fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to leave them was something they weren’t really expecting to happen this summer, given the sheer brilliance of the Portuguese last season.

In a gloomy and underwhelming campaign last season, Ronaldo was the shining light and source of hope. Hence, it will be understandable for many fans of the club to be a bit worried about seeing their beloved and illustrious player leave the club this summer.

At the age of 37 years,  Ronaldo is apparently not interested in enjoying the twilight of his career at a lower level and collecting hefty paychecks, but he is very much hungry for the highest level of European club football and winning more trophies.

That is why his asking to leave shouldn’t surprise a genuine Manchester United fan because, in all honesty, the club is undergoing a transition under the new manager and allowing him to leave this summer for obvious reasons should be entertained.

It will provide Erik Ten Hag with a proper rebuilding plan without Ronaldo

When Manchester United announced the imminent arrival and appointment of Erik Ten Hag as the new manager, the Dutchman was inevitably going to be asked what kind of role he intended to give Ronaldo in his new squad. Of course, the former Ajax manager did not mince words about how important the Portuguese will be for him because of his incredible goal-scoring abilities, which were on display last season despite the club’s underwhelming performance.

If Ronaldo is allowed to leave the club, Ten Hag can be assured of a proper rebuilding project that he has obviously been mandated to do that will make him less reliant on one man and more focused on the collective. In other words, Manchester United’s unbalanced dependence on Ronaldo will no longer exist, and there will be a balanced aggregation and an infusion of youth and experience which the club desperately needs.

Moreover, part of Ten Hag’s rebuilding project at the club has already seen high-profile and aged players like Ronaldo leave the club.

It gives other players a chance to emerge

When a manager rebuilds a squad, there will be sorting and separation, which will lead to the emergence and evolution of some players. Ronaldo’s exit from Manchester United this summer will fast-track that process and might lead to the discovery of players who will fill the vacuum that will be left by the Portuguese.

The time is right for United to leave behind the old and move towards a new phase full of youth and fresh enthusiasm because there are players waiting on the wings ready to light up Old Trafford.

If Real Madrid could survive the dreaded exit of Ronaldo that led to the emergence of Karim Benzema, who used to be in the shadows of the Portuguese during his time at the club, then Manchester United need no fear about how they will cope with the 37-year old’s exit.

With everything being said and done, it is clear that allowing Ronaldo to leave Manchester United will be a win-win situation for both player and club. Where the striker ends up is another matter, with some big name clubs having said to be interested. Regardless, both parties must do what is best for each other, and should a reasonable offer be put forward, United should accept it and let Cristiano Ronaldo move on.





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