Why it sucks to be a Manchester United fan

Manchester United is arguably one of the biggest clubs in the world, or at least it used to be. From the Glory days of Busby Babes to Sir Alex’s brilliance, the Red Devils have bestowed the fans with some of the most meaningful footballing memories. From Sir Bobby Charlton’s leadership that won them their first UCL, to ‘Solskjærrrrr’ treble clinching toe poke. Manchester United has forever been a club that delivered when it mattered the most.

But of late, Manchester United has been a shell of themselves. Gone are the days when fans can proudly chant “Glory Glory Man United” at the top of their voice. Gone are the days when the fans could take aim at any other PL fanbase and be able to work it out with other fans knowing full well how good Manchester United is and has been.

Of late, the only emotion that has come out of the United fanbase is whining, negativity, subjugation, and passive pessimism.

Glazers’ money problems galore

Ever since the Glazer family overtook MUFC, it has been a shit show for every fan concerned. During the years of Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill, their ability to whip up world-beating teams with limited funds was an astonishing feat. But since the 2013/14 season, the performances on the pitch, and the football dealings off of it have taken a starker nose dive than a spaceship re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

The fans have continuously propagated their distaste and dislike of the Glazer family ownership, bemoaning their lack of activity in the transfer market while draining the club of every bit of resource it could use to strengthen its foundations.

The current predicament has left Manchester United’s foundations wide open to be chipped at for over a decade now, which has ultimately contributed to where the club is at right now. Apart from the constant negativity outside the club, the aura and vibe have seeped into the roots of what used to form the base of this beautiful club and settled like a serpent waiting for its surroundings to perish.

Toxic squad culture

The Man United of old was known for having players of a certain caliber and quality. But beyond it, their decorum and behavior inspired every fan to be like them. Rooney, Ferdinand, Ji-Sung Park, Evra, Keane, the Neville brothers, and so many more. They set the standard for the players around them when they were at the club, nurturing and holding everyone around them to a standard that justified wearing the badge of Manchester United.

Presently, every other fan would be open to the idea of sacking every single first-team player just so that the club can rebuild the culture it has been lacking for so long. The fans do not know who’s responsible for the horrible culture that continues to rear its head every time the arrival of the new manager chops it off. And yet it feels like every passing year, the managers are the ones messing up the chances of long-term success with what are some of the most expensive and talented players ever assembled in the last couple of years.

Nevertheless, it’s the manager’s neck that’s on the line every single time. It must be noted that there is a multitude of factors that result in one’s firing and/or sacking. But if the same trend repeats itself 3 times in a row, one cannot help but question whether or not it’s always on the managers.

Pre-mature sackings

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me thrice, something fishy is going on. That’s what it feels like at the moment with the club and the managers it has let go. After Van Gaal, Jose Mourinho came in to steady the ship and was gone less than 3 years later. He was followed by Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer’s arrival who transformed this team in 2 years, but the proverbial wheels came off within his 3rd season.

Following the temporary hiring of Ralf Ragnick, extremely desirable Erik Ten Haag joined the club bringing in new methods and hoping to transform this side. And, he did, he won the EFL Cup and brought Champions League nights back to Old Trafford. But the problems came earlier for him, with his second season looking as difficult as Solsjkaer’s and Mourinho’s third. There are already rumors of the club sacking him sooner rather than later.

I’m against the notion, because of what he could bring, what his predecessors could have brought to the club. But they weren’t given the time to make things work in their way and were fired because of an unruly dressing room. The fate seems extremely similar and familiar for ETH, especially with the horrific loss to AFC Bournemouth.

With the above summing up most of the factors that have soured the fans’ interest and love for Manchester United, I guess that explains why it sucks to be a Man United fan right now.

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