Are AC Milan winning Serie A this season?

It was ten years ago when the legendary AC Milan last wrapped their hands around the prestigious Scudetto. Years of mismanagement led to instability and changes in ownership. Since the arrival of the new and controversial owners, the club didn’t progress much until now. The appointment of Paolo Maldini in 2018, raised a few eyebrows but has led to some progress, so how far is AC Milan from reclaiming the throne? For the answer, we must study the miseries from the past and track the progress made since then.

Is AC Milan winning Serie A this season?

The past-

The rise of the fallen giants in 1986 coincided with the arrival of the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who managed to save the club from bankruptcy. The new owner had his sights set on the appointment of Arrigo Sacchi, and this meant the Rossoneri were heading back to the top. This golden generation saw famous players put on the symbolic red and black jersey and play in the San Siro. Years later, The manager passed the torch to Fabio Capello, who went on to achieve something similar before handing the lantern to an ex-Milan player Carlo Ancelotti who revolutionized the sport.

The end of an era-

By 2011, the Rossoneri had given up most of their prized possessions and were on the brink of decline. The club’s inability to replace its aging stars brought an end to the golden era of stars. The lack of experience and leadership within the club meant a long way back for the 6-time Champions League winners. Silvio Berlusconi bid farewell after years of being unable to replicate the same success. This was the start of a long and taxing period in the history of the 18-time Serie A winners.

Takeover nightmares-

AC Milan was sold to Li Yonghong, the owner of Sino-Europe Sports Investment Management Changxing Corporation. Elliot management corporation played a role in the takeover as the latter lend out money to the former for the takeover. Li Yonghong failed to meet his obligations, so the club fell into the hands of Elliot management corporation. The new owner was the ever controversial vulture fund capitalist Paul Singer. While his objectives are unclear, the club has made incredible progress.

Appointment of Paolo Maldini

In 2018, the former AC Milan captain and club legend, Paolo Maldini made his return to the club to team up with the then sporting director Leonardo. In 2019, Maldini became the sporting director of the club in the wake of Leonardo’s departure. The new role provided him with more room to handle the club and implement a newfound vision. The vision has had a direct impact on AC Milan’s recent growth, both on and off the pitch.

A vision to rebuild and restore-

Maldini’s vision is unlike any other the club has ever had, so this has laid out an unprecedented plan to rebuild the club. The strategy revolves around strengthening the club and building for the future. The return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has brought back the ever so needed leadership in the dressing room. The signing of the highly-rated Italian star Sandro Tonali has further exemplified the vision of the club. The development and hiring of players like Sandro TonaliAnte Rebic, and Rafael Leão will form part of the club’s core principles.

The unbeaten run-

The end of the season was eventful, although the club finished 6th in the table. The return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has provided goals and made the Italian giants a popular proposition once again. The positivity within the club has created a unbeaten mentality, which remains alive even after 22 games despite the controversial 3-3 slip up at the San Siro, Roma recently. This transformation remains the tip of the iceberg as the club is aiming bigger.

Is AC Milan winning Serie A this season?

While it’s hard to predict a season in the initial stages, the progress made under the new coach Stefano Pioli cannot be denied. A title challenge may still seem far-fetched due to past incidents and the need for more squad depth, but the vision remains solid.

The final say-

The curtain is slowly closing on the days of misery at one of Europe’s biggest powerhouses. The return to the top will require time and patience, as described by many, and should possibly begin with the champions league anthem playing through the red and black side of the legendary San Siro once again.

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