Who is Alexis MacAllister? Meet Brighton and Hove’s Newest

Alexis MacAllister has recently been confirmed as a new Brighton and Hove player. This excellent 21-year-old midfielder was standing out in Argentine football and has confirmed his arrival into the Premier League.

MacAllister plays as an offensive midfielder at the Boca Juniors Club. In this last year, he became a fundamental part of the team of Gustavo Alfaro The former coach of Boca Juniors and Miguel Angel Russo, the new coach of the team supported his good game.

Alfaro was the one who made MacAllister player of Boca Juniors in the 2019/20 season. The MacAllister family is well known in Argentina. All its members are popular football players. His father, the “Colorado” MacAllister, was a great legend of Boca Juniors so Alexis came as a great promise to Boca.

In the last games, he was a fundamental part of Boca Juniors. His good game allowed Boca to position in the top three positions of the league. His loss will surely affect Boca Juniors game.

His first games in Argentinos Juniors

In 2016 he made his debut at the club where his father became a legend. Argentinos Juniors is the home of the MacAllister brothers. The three brothers Alexis, Kevin and Francis have made their football debut at Argentinos Juniors just like their father.

Alexis has always stood out for being the most skilled of the family. His three seasons in Argentinos Juniors were more than profitable for the team nicknamed “La Paternal”. This midfielder scored 10 goals in 68 games played over three seasons.

His best sporting moment was during the 2017/18 season. In this tournament, he made a great leap in Argentine football. He scored 2 goals and gave 6 assists in 25 games, making him one of the best players in his team.

The purchase of Brighton and Hove

Alexis’ career is constantly rising as a footballer, so it was expected that some team will rush to buy his signing. What nobody expected is to happen so quickly. On January 21 of 2019, Brighton purchased this young midfielder.

In the biggest sale made in the history of Argentinos Juniors, Brighton disbursed 8.5 million euros for Alexis. However, his arrival in English football was not immediate. Brighton decided to give him on loan so that the player continues developing his abilities.

In this way, we reach the beginning of our article. Gustavo Alfaro, former coach of Boca Juniors and a great follower of the MacAllister brothers decided to make a double signing. On the one hand, he officially borrows Alexis MacAllister and, also, bought the signing of Kevin MacAllister who serves as a defender.

The best signing of Boca Juniors

One of the few good decisions Gustavo Alfaro made in Boca Juniors was the hiring of Alexis. Many fans did not think that MacAllister was going to go far in Boca. As a surprise of many fans, Alfaro assured him of a place in the first team.

After a couple of games, he became one of Boca’s best players. He currently plays as an offensive midfielder, with dorsal 8, and is a fundamental part of the proper functioning of the team. All the balls that go towards the attack pass first through the feet of Alexis MacAllister. He is responsible for generating the most scoring plays.

With only 20 matches in Boca, he has already scored 2 goals and has generated 5 assists. His good bargaining skills are essential, and his coach has made it clear. Miguel Angel Russo, his coach, has declared “Alexis meets a lot of concepts: ball stop, dynamic, goal. We lose one of the Pre-Olympic figures.”


His great performance in Argentina National Team U23

Currently, the Pre-Olympic tournament is being played. Argentina U23 national team is competing to get a place towards the Olympic Games. Alexis MacAllister is playing this tournament and has already become a fundamental part of the team.

In just 2 games in which he played, he has already scored 2 goals for Argentina to position his team in the first place. He has managed to form a very good connection with his teammates who are emerging as great candidates for the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Now that he has become a new Brighton and Hove player, all Argentines are looking forward to what this player can do in the Premier League. His good skills will surely impress England fans as well as surprise us in Argentina.
As a great fan of this midfielder, I hope his good game is maintained and improved so we can see him soon in the Argentina National Team.

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