Andorra in Europe: 2024/25 Coefficient Preview

The 2024/25 European season is quickly approaching, with 236 clubs set to compete in UEFA’s continental club competitions this season.

With the first qualifying round draws occurring next week, Extratime Talk will be providing a comprehensive coefficient preview. Between now and then, each country will be previewed, and all clubs participating in Europe for the 2024/25 season are discussed.

In these articles, we will provide analyses of what to expect from each country in Europe. We will explore what is on the line from a coefficient standpoint, and the keys to succeeding, in that country’s case.

Andorra is the 44th country explored in this preview, where we take a look at what to expect from the three clubs representing the microstate in the 2024/25 season.

Andorra in Europe: Country Profile

Previous Season Coefficient (Rank)1.666 (41st)
Previous Season’s 5-Year Coefficient (Rank)5.998 (51st)
Starting 5-Year Coefficient (Rank)4.498 (52nd)

It was a successful year for Andorran football in 2023/24. FC Santa Coloma made the third qualifying round of the Conference League, while Inter Club d’Escaldes made the competition’s second round. Atlètic Club d’Escaldes was the only Andorran club not to win a continental tie last season, despite having three guaranteed games in Europe.

Despite Andorra’s impressive 2023/24, they still just missed out on a place in the top 50. That will be the goal for them next season, and they are in the best position to sneak out of the bottom five, than ever. It will be a tough task to mimic last summer’s performances in the UECL, especially since FC Santa Coloma will not be in Europe. However, there should still be enough reason for hope from an Andorran point of view.

Andorra in Europe: Club Profile

ClubQualified AsRound of EntryTotal European SeasonsLast Season’s Performance5-Year Club Coefficient (2023/24)5-Year Country Coefficient Contribution, 2023/24 (%)
UE Santa ColomaDomestic ChampionUCL Q19N/A1.1990.000 (0%)
Inter Club d’EscaldesDomestic Runner-upUECL Q15UECL Q26.0002.167 (36.11%)
Atleti Club d’EscaldesDomestic Third PlaceUECL Q13UECL Q22.5000.167 (2.78%)

For the first time ever, UE Santa Coloma won the Andorran title. They held their nerve near the end to beat off rivals FC Santa Coloma, Inter Club d’Escaldes, and Atleti Club d’Escaldes. UESC will commence in UCL Q1 as a n unseeded team. They will have to take inspiration from their rival: FCSC is the only Andorran side to win in UCL qualifying. There is no reason to believe that UESC cannot do it too.

As UESC claimed the domestic double, Inter Club d’Escaldes turned out to be the nearest challengers to the title. They return to UECL Q1, where they pulled off a surprise last summer. Getting past this round for the second year in a row would be an incredible achievement for the club. It was the first time that Inter progressed from a European tie, something they will want to keep going.

Rounding out Andorra’s European representatives is Atleti Club d’Escaldes. This will be their third continental journey in a row. They join their Escaldes rivals Inter in UECL Q1, but Atleti is unseeded in that round. That makes for a tricky opponent, which will not be ideal. But, if L’Atlètic can get past UECL Q1, anything can happen.

Andorra’s Season Ambitions 

Andorra should really have the ambition of making 50th place. It is their best chance ever, and if they can continue on from last summer’s impressive showing, then they will stand a reasonable shot at 50th place. Without FC Santa Coloma, the country’s biggest club, things will become more difficult for Andorra. However, the opportunities for a big year are there.

Coefficient-wise, Andorra should be pushing for about 1.500 points again. At this rate, anything less than that total will make 50th place nearly impossible. So, a minimum of six wins in Europe will be required from Andorra’s three clubs. If a team can make UECL Q3 as FCSC did last summer, then that will likely put the country in a very good spot. Finishing in 50th would be so meaningful for Andorran football, and now they stand on the precipice of making 50th place a reality.

What a Successful Season Looks Like for Andorra

A good year for Andorra would be having at least one of their UECL teams get past Q1. That would make this a good year. Moreover, if at least one team can make Q3 again, then it really would be a successful year for Andorran football in Europe. UE Santa Coloma will have a very tough task in UCL Q1, but if they can avoid defeat once, that is also a win.

Regarding coefficients, Andorra should be happy with at least 1.333 points. Anything less should be seen as not enough. The standards of Andorran football have to increase, as last season was something to build off. Thus, a minimum of 1.333 points, which equivocates to four wins, is a successful season for Andorra.

What to Expect From Andorra in 2024/25

Andorra should make the battle for 50th spot interesting. It will take a lot of luck and some big performances, but Andorra should believe in being able to finish 50th. As previously mentioned, they need at least one team in UECL Q3. If that happens, then things get interesting.

Speaking with former Andorran international Ildefons Lima Solà, he has hope that Andorra can replicate last summer’s showing. “Let’s hope to see an Andorran team advance a round like last year,” the former defender said. Speaking specifically about the clubs, he remained particularly optimistic about the two UECL representatives. “Inter’s experience and luck in the draw will be important in order to advance to later rounds. We will see that At. Escaldes may be the biggest unknown in these qualifiers.”

Overall, it is a tall order for Andorra to finish in 50th spot (or better). It feels as if the country is another year or two away from this. Since the Andorran sides have been showing better in Europe, there is no reason to believe that the microstate could battle it out for 50th place. Maintaining a top 50 spot would be a challenge, but one Andorra should be able to do.

Expect Andorra to just miss out on 50th, similar to last season. While the potential is there, it is just too big a task at this stage for Andorran football. However, they are not far away from getting out of the bottom five. Just one more very good year, and Andorra will be out of the bottom five. Can that year be this one? Probably not, but rest assured the Andorran clubs will do their best to push for 50th place this season, and so they should.

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