Aston Villa: the team to watch out for next season

Aston Villa’s movement within the transfer window so far has been exceptional and will improve the side. They are a side not to be underestimated next season. Coach Unai Emery has added three key recruits to his squad, adding Youri Tielemans, Pau Torres and Moussa Diaby.

Youri Tielemans

He has been immense for Leicester City in previous times, predominantly in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 campaigns. Many would say Tielemans has been disappointing for the past couple of seasons and has dropped off a level. However, if Emery can unlock the player he used to be, it will be an amazing addition to the squad on a free transfer.

Tielemans is known for finding space in the midfield. He likes to control possession, and is a good carrier of the ball. Out of possession, he wins a lot of tackles and positions himself well to take advantage of his strength. Alongside all of this, he is a prolific passer of the ball, able to easily play passes that create opportunities for his teammates.

Many would say this is the type of profile Aston Villa lacked last season, so to be able to pick him up for free is clever business,  a positive incoming to bolster Villa’s chances of success for the near future.

Pau Torres

Torres was phenomenal for Villarreal. He played in the final of the Europa League against Manchester United,defeating them on penalties. Now, the Spaniard has reunited with Emery.

Something to mention about him is that he is composed when in possession of the ball, and is comfortable playing out of the back. He is a great decision-maker, reading the game admirably. Another thing to mention is his height; he is 6ft 3, adding some presence in head-to-head duels, both defensively and attacking-wise.

Torres will elevate this Aston Villa side to a different level defensively. He is a quality defender that will shock everyone, considering the fact he was linked to many Premier League clubs previously but never managed to make a move.

Moussa Diaby

Aston Villa fans should be excited about this one. Diaby has attracted many Premier League clubs this transfer window, with the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle United interested.

Diaby is a talented player who can create space, and use it too. He makes going past his opponent look easy. Both on and off the ball, he is a threat to the opposition. Off the ball, he likes to drag defenders wide on the wings. This gives his teammates more space to take advantage of to create goal-scoring opportunities. A partnership is on the horizon, and with Diaby being one of the top ten players for successful crosses, he and Ollie Watkins will be a duo to watch out for next season.

Coach Unai Emery

A very experienced manager that has to be given props for his work at Aston Villa so far, he led them seventh last season. They qualified for the Europa Conference League, and will enter at the competition’s playoff round. That is a huge improvement. This is compared to the 2021/22 season, where they finished 14th.

It has been demonstrated wit Watkins what Emery can do to players. Under the Spaniard, he has been transformed into their main man. Something that changed about Watkins’ game he said himself personally is “being smart with my runs.” He also added: “before I was running into the channels and into the corners, and doing a lot of work for the team. Now I’m staying within the width of the box and timing my runs.” Small details about his game have been unlocked by Emery and have been changed for the better of him as a player which is then producing better team performances.

Emery has an eye for attention to detail; it is said that he has made analysis and meetings a regular occurrence in the squad’s routine. He also stays in a hotel before the game; little things like this improve the teammates’ bond with one another. In addition, the experience he has both in Europe and in the Premier League will prove to be useful for Aston Villa next season.

How can they top this transfer window?

Many Aston Villa fans would agree that this window has been good so far. However, there is still room to realistically improve the squad. Names being mentioned like Torres or Pedro Gonçalves have been in conversations to play in a LW/ST position. Other positions include a right-back and a backup goalkeeper.

Next season

There is a real buzz about Aston Villa with the new campaign on the horizon. A realistic achievable finish for the side would be top six, but with the addition of Europa Conference League games being put into their schedule it may prove a struggle to the side due to a lack of depth, something to keep an eye on.

It will be an interesting season, as a lot of teams seem to be improving in their own ways, including Villa.

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