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Thomas Xydias is an English-Cypriot student, undertaking a Philosophy and Theology course at University. In the meantime, he is a writer for all things football-related, having his own blogs on websites such as Medium, Quora and Linkedin. In addition, he has been a freelance football writer for since December 2022. Aside from the world of football, he enjoys reading and chess.
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Why Erling Haaland is the best striker in the world

Erling Haaland is having an incredible first season with Manchester City. There were doubts about whether he could replicate his goal scoring prowess from Germany...

Should Manchester United sign Victor Osimhen or Harry Kane?

Manchester United are in need of a striker. Although they have Wout Weghorst, who has been beneficial to the club, he is more of a...

Why is scoring free kicks so difficult?

There are multiple reasons why scoring free kicks is so hard to score. Here are some of the reasons now. Why is it so hard to...

Why has England struggled to win the World Cup since 1966?

England created the game of football and has had terrific players feature in the national team. On top of that the Premier League is the...

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