Why Erling Haaland is the best striker in the world

Erling Haaland is having an incredible first season with Manchester City. There were doubts about whether he could replicate his goal scoring prowess from Germany to England.

However, it appears that many critics have been silenced as he has been breaking records left, right, and center. If he maintains this form, he will win the Golden Boot and break the record for most goals in a Premier League season.

But what about Haaland makes him the best in the world? There are many aspects to his game that make him a lethal striker.

Why Haaland is the best number nine in football


Erling Haaland is rapid, and it benefits his team massively. It makes him far more versatile. Not only can he hold up the ball, but he can also receive balls in behind. The strength that he has, coupled with his speed, makes him a powerful opponent. Especially when Manchester City have sprung forward on a counter-attack. Haaland’s speed also allows him to track back. When the Norwegian is creeping around the box, his speed allows him to get away from his marker to get on the end of a cross or a pass.

In the Premier League, he has clocked a top speed of 36.53km/h. To put that into perspective, at the 2022 World Cup French star Kylian Mbappé registered a top speed of 35.19km/h. As a result, Haaland is a powerful force of nature and is a nightmare to stop.


Haaland’s attitude towards football separates him from other strikers. Of course, Haaland works tremendously hard on the training ground and is always yearning for more goals. Despite scoring five goals against Leipzig in the Champions League, he still wanted more.

That sort of mentality bodes well for a team. He is supremely confident, yet modest which makes him a hardworking and focused individual. Haaland is not the type of individual to be distracted easily, which means the Norwegian international has the attitude of an elite player at quite a young age.


Haaland does not typically score from range even though he is capable of doing so. He is a poacher and always seems to be in the right position at the right time. Haaland’s performance against Leipzig is a prime example of this. All five of his goals came from the striker being in the right place at the right time.

When Kevin De Bruyne is putting in crosses, the ball finds its target almost every time. However, Haaland is very intelligent when it comes to positioning in the box. He takes great initiative and when a cross is in the box, he attacks the ball with conviction.


Haaland’s ability to finish is a key aspect as to what makes him so good. He is still young, allowing for plenty of time to develop. He is scoring goals for fun and it seems like every shot he attempts ends up in the back of the net. He can open his body or shoot with his laces. He is very good in the air and gets the right connection on the ball.

Those are just some of the reasons that prove Erling Haaland to be the best striker in football.

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