Club América Officially the Best Team in Liga MX

Club América was crowned “Team of the Season” by Liga MX last week. This was due to the fact that the team had accumulated the most points throughout the 2023-2024 calendar year. Thanks to their stellar 40-point 2023 Apertura season and 35 point 2024 Clausura season, América swept the competition leaving a 10 point gap between them and second place.

The newly integrated “Supporters Shield” was announced back in early 2023 making América the first team to receive such accolade by the league. Marking yet another landmark in their prestigious history filled with awards and achievements.

América will receive this award at the Liga MX Balón de Oro gala in June. The team also receives a slot in the Concacaf Champions Cup for next season. One top of that, a million dollar economic prize will top it all off. Taking a look back at this year, this achievement was no small feat. América not only had to pick themselves off after a terrible exit to Chivas in the 2023 Clausura, but also had to cope with the integration of a new manager.

Liga MX nombra al Club América EQUIPO DE LA TEMPORADA y le da PREMIO PARA FICHAJES | Pasión Águila(Liga MX graphic depicting Club América’s achievement as “Team of the Season” explaining their economic prize and spot in the Concacaf Champions Cup. Source: Liga BBVA MX)

Club América Officially the Best Team in Liga MX

Club América’s Fall from Grace

At the beginning of the season (mid-2023) many questions where looming over Club América. Not only were they just embarrassed by their most bitter rivals Chivas getting knockout of the playoffs at home, but the manager at the time Fernando Ortiz quit right after leaving the managerial seat vacant.

There was an atmosphere around Coapa that felt discouraging. Back-to-back semifinal exits and countless playoff defeats in the past years only widened the void for Americanistas. It had been five years since the club had won a title and manager after manager, project after project the team always fell short of their objectives.

Although things would turn for the better as América made three big acquisitions this past summer. The inclusion of key players Julian Quiñones and Kevin Álvarez, plus the addition of current manager André Jardine. These three pieces to the puzzle would be the key to América’s success come the rest of the calendar year.

These two players added depth and talent that slotted perfectly with the rest of the squad. Not to mention the impact Jardine had on his players not just tactically, being able to bring out the best in players like Jonathan Dos Santos, Diego Valdés and Sebastian Cáceres.

Apertura 2023 Season: Establishing Dominance

The start of the Apertura 2023 was a rocky one for Club América. Jardine would lose his first and only game of that season to FC Juárez. A rocky start that he would later put behind him right away destroying Puebla 3-0 before the Leagues Cup break. A break that served the team well as they where able to use that tournament as a preseason of sorts to really gel as team under a new manager.

As soon as the team returned from their participation in Leagues Cup they took off and never looked back. The team excelled not just in the goals department but defensively they where solid. Washing away opponents and looking dominant on the ball. So much that they secured first place topping the league table with 40 points in 17 games.

The biggest question remained to be answered, could this team finally get over the hump of the playoffs and book their ticket to the final? Well the answer was more than evident. With solid performances in both quarterfinal and semifinal series América once again would be playing in a final. A game that truly put them to the test against Tigres but the Azulcremas eventually would come out on top. Winning the game 3-0 (4-1) on aggregate. Lifting the oh so coveted 14th league title and cementing their status as kings of Mexico.

Clausura 2023 Season: Maintaining Dominance

Upon reaching the historical milestone that was the 14th title, all eyes where on América at the start of 2024. Could they sustain their good run of form and could they cap off the year just as strong? These questions hovered over the team as the Clausura season unfolded. Plus, with the addition of having to play in the Concacaf Champions Cup, América’s squad depth was going to be tested.

With a couple of bumps along the road, the team managed to come out on top regardless. Securing yet another top of the table finish this time with 35 points. The team continues to excel and even though their main objective is conquering the Champions Cup trophy, they have a firm grip on the league as well.

Club América still have quite the hill to climb but the team is close to making history yet again. The year that has transcended has been one of the best in recent América history. Which is why this award bestowed upon them is so important in recognizing the hard work put in throughout the year.

Tough matches, tough scenarios and tough travels all paid off in the end. Now the team can briefly bask in the glory that is being named the “Best Team” in the league for an entirety of the year. Still the job is not done and América will look to complete the double in the league to lift the 15th.

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