Lionel Messi to Manchester City

Lionel Messi wants out of Barcelona. His most likely destination is Manchester City and he prefers to play for them. This would be one of the biggest moves in the history of football. He has grown frustrated by the way Barcelona has gone out of the Champions League the last three seasons.

Manchester City

Messi going to Manchester City would make them Premier League favourites and Champions League as well. It would be a disappointment if both of those goals were not reached. A big factor is Pep Guardiola and Sergio Aguero. Guardiola coached Messi during Barcelona’s glory days. Aguero is one of his closest friends and Argentine teammate. Just imagine having to play against Messi, Kevin De Bruyne, Aguero, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva. Eric Garcia and Gabriel Jesus have been players Barcelona would want for Messi. Manchester City wants Jesus to stay but if Messi is involved you need to give up Jesus. If Messi is added expect 25 to 40 more goals for Manchester City. 

Messi Frustrations with Barcelona 

Messi has expressed his desire to want out of Barcelona. The last three times Barcelona has gone out has been humiliating. They blew two three-goal leads vs Roma and Barcelona. Then an 8-2 whooping by Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich went on to win the Champions League. Barcelona wasn’t even close to their level. Lyon and PSG gave Bayern Munich a better game than Barcelona. That says a lot about the current Barcelona team. Losing like that is demoralizing. Barcelona can offer an ample amount of money but money doesn’t always buy happiness. Messi just wants to win.  Also, Messi doesn’t have a good relationship with Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu. Ronald Koeman is the new Barcelona manager and he wants to make huge changes to the current squad. Messi was not happy with the hiring.


Messi will eventually end up at Manchester City. Barcelona just does not want to give up Messi and La Liga just said Messi cannot go on a free transfer. Manchester City are the favourites to get him followed by Barcelona and PSG. 

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