Slovakia in Europe: 2024/25 Coefficient Preview

The 2024/25 European season is quickly approaching, with 236 clubs set to compete in UEFA’s continental club competitions this season.

With the first qualifying round draws a bit more than a week away, Extratime Talk will be providing a comprehensive coefficient preview. Between now and then, each country will be previewed, and all clubs participating in Europe for the 2024/25 season are discussed.

In these articles, we will provide analyses of what to expect from each country in Europe. We will explore what is on the line from a coefficient standpoint, and the keys to succeeding, in that country’s case.

Article number 29 in this coefficient preview series talks about Slovakia, and what to expect from their four continental representatives in 2024/25.

Slovakia In Europe: Country Profile

Previous Season Coefficient (Rank)5.000 (20th)
Previous Season’s 5-Year Coefficient (Rank)19.625 (29th)
Starting 5-Year Coefficient (Rank)16.625 (26th)

Slovakia has been one of the countries to benefit from the introduction of the Conference League. Two teams from the country reached the UECL’s group stage last term, becoming the lowest ranked country in the five-year coefficient ranking to have done so (28th).

Now that Slovakia had such a successful 2023/24 campaign, the task will be to continue on from the last two seasons. A place in the top 22 is on the line, and Slovakia is one of seven countries with a realistic chance of displacing Russia for 22nd spot.

Slovakia In Europe: Club Profile

ClubQualified AsRound of EntryTotal European SeasonsLast Season’s Performance5-Year Club Coefficient (2023/24)5-Year Country Coefficient Contribution, 2023/24 (%)
Slovan BratislavaDomestic ChampionUCL Q124UECL Knockout Round Play-offs30.50012.125 (61.78%(
RužomberokCup WinnerUEL Q17N/A3.9250.500 (2.55%)
DAC Dunajská StredaDomestic Runner-upUECL Q2, Main Path8UECL Q18.0002.375 (12.1%)
Spartak TrnavaDomestic Third PlaceUECL Q2, Main Path17UECL Group Stage8.0002.875 (14.65%)

Slovakia will once again be represented in the Champions League qualifiers by Slovan Bratislava. The capital club won their sixth league title in a row last campaign, and their 22nd overall. They are also one of the Conference League’s ever-presents, having partaken in the group stage of each of the tournament’s editions to date. However, for this summer, the aim should be for the next step up for the club, and aim for at least Europe League football.

Ružomberok managed to pull off a shock in the cup final, beating Spartak Trnava 1-0 to claim the Europa League spot. In four of their six other European campaigns, the club played at least four matches, which will once again happen this season. Things will be complicated for them, as they will not be seeded in any round of qualifying. Making a league phase would an impressive feat for the club.

DAC Dunajská Streda managed to clinched second after defeating Žilina on the final day, denying the latter a European spot. That means that for the seventh summer on the spin, DAC will participate in Europe. Twice in their European journey have they reached at least Q3, the last time coming two years ago. They will have to prove their worth in Europe this summer, as it will be key for the future of Slovak football.

Spartak Trnava joined Slovan in the Conference League proper last fall, finishing bottom of their group. The challenge for the club will be to repeat the magic from last summer’s qualifiers. Having made it through three rounds of UECL qualifying, the same requirement will be needed this time around. They will be seeded in the Q2, and possibly Q3 draws, which helps considerably.

Slovakia’s Season Ambitions

Slovakia’s season goal is simply to finish 22nd ahead of their competition. Since they start the 2024/25 campaign in the middle of the pack, their task is pretty unenviable, seeing they not only have to look above them in the rankings, but also below. That could see a complete collapse, or it could be a blessing in disguise.

Slovakia should be aiming for 5.000 or more points this term, which could become a reality should Slovan get some help. Between DAC and Spartak Trnava in particular, they will have to do their part in UECL qualifying to help bring the coefficient up. Ružomberok’s total should be seen as an added bonus, though if they get past UEL Q1, truly anything could happen.

What a Successful Season Looks Like for Slovakia

A successful season for Slovakia is them finishing 22nd place – there is no hiding that. Even if they miss out on 22nd spot, there should be the ambition to earn a good coefficient total to put them in a better position come 2025/26. That could be key in that battle for next season.

Coefficient-wise, at least 5.500 points should be seen as a success for Slovak football. Any more than 6.000 points is an added bonus, albeit a very welcomed one. A total of 5.500 points should be attainable for Slovakia, who averaged that over the last two years.

What to Expect From Slovakia in 2024/25

Slovakia will be in it tough for a place in the top 22. In a conversation with Slovak Football’s Thanos, there is a pessimism about Slovakia’s chances at 22nd. “I don’t think Ružomberok is e an improvement over Žilina, said Thanos. “They are definitely not a better side and they had strokes of luck in their Cup run.”

When asked about who will be of more use to the Slovak coefficient between DAC and Trnava, there was little optimism here. “In reality, I think both clubs won’t make (the league phase) – as Spartak making it last year was a bit of a miracle,” said Slovak football expert. “So far, no strong transfers have been made by both clubs and in Spartak’s case the club will very likely weaken first: the starting keeper is leaving on a free transfer, while (they) may expect bids for two players that will be in the EURO.”

A reliance on the draw will also be key here, according to Thanos. “With Europe starting in just over a month, only 2-3 big transfers could make these clubs candidates for a UECL league stage, very unlikely though. Again, lots of luck needed in the draw.”

At the end of the day, Slovakia will likely miss out on the top 22. It is a tall order for Trnava to repeat the magic of last summer, while DAC will not be seeded past UECL Q3, if even that. Slovan will have all the work to do, which will almost surely not be enough. Unless Slovan gets some help, expect Slovakia to finish 23rd or lower.

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